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It all without further ado for this week and reality TV and celebrity news we started off with one of the thirsty is celebrities out there and that is Miss Brandy Glenville friend of a friend of. The real housewives of Beverly Hills because like she's a friend of Kim who's technically this season, a friend of Kyle's. And that's just ridiculous like why Teddy is pretty much a friend of Kyle's. But she's a full time cast member. We need no teddy and if we're GONNA have kyle there, we need to throw her sister in in that role us saying but brandy just how she's gotten in the middle of the storyline while by getting in the middle of Denise Richards legs allegedly. She has found herself in the middle of some turt-. On Netflix, show selling sunset Queen Christine Quinn. When brandies podcast, you know the podcast where allegedly again denise was working in brandy allegedly traveled to Go see her on set. So she could record the pod and that's again when allegedly things went down between them and I mean that literally and figuratively. Wow Christine is made for reality TV I mean this girl is in the middle of all the drama is always in the tabloid and she knows exactly what she is doing as evidenced. By her performance on selling sunset. So she went on unfiltered and said quote from day one, obviously the producers had certain things in mind. They wanted us to clash obviously at first we didn't. We got along great. We are French she was at my house we were drinking having a good time was getting to know her in the story lines came into play. We thought that we were going to be good at separating things, and then she explains that at the end of season one how there's this fight and it's the iconic line that she had. You know when Christine accused crucial of being fake and then Christine, said, only my tits are fake I'm not fake and that's like the most Christine Shit ever. Well, guess we would have to say your faces fake now to like Holy Batman I mean Christine Quinn is like. fucking goddess. Let's be honest. This woman is tall slender. She's got this leak waist length blonde hair I mean this woman is just like drive off the side of the road attractive and she has done so much Bo- talks her face looks so different this season that just aired made me Kinda. Sad. I. Misheard phase but. If I sound jealous. It's a am and that's true and I can still be jealous and not be a hater I just my opinion. Christine explain that she incurs Shell had this agreement where they would call each other after filming after that whole season. One fiasco just to make sure everything was cool between the two of them. They thought that they were going to be better at separating things but sometimes, it has affected their real lives. As I would think, you would imagine I know personally I'd have a hard time separating those things but that's probably why I'm not I'm reality TV Oh plus I'm definitely not on selling. Sunset because of not like five ten and one, hundred, ten pounds so that probably played a small role in that but Christine Christine, how to make it all about her and I'm here for it and she said about that season finale she said that the producers said quote give it give it the season finale I was like, yeah I'll give it. I don't care. We need to get picked up and I just love that she is constantly like breaking that fourth wall saying, Hey, we need. To get this ship picked up because she's acknowledging the fact that she's on a show and it's not just about real estate. Thanks for the honesty girl and this is my favorite because Christine had to have like really like hit into brandies heartstrings at this point when she said honestly I don't know if we would have gotten picked up if it wasn't for me acting like a drunk shit show and brandy has never felt more connected to anybody in her life if you haven't caught Christine. In the news talking Shit Hungry Shell. It's so funny because after I wrote this article about how she said that they had this agreement, but I've also written multiple articles about Christine Talking Shit about Kerr Shaalan Justin Hartley and it's messy and she's giving us what we want. So there you go in Tuesday's News we learned that Andy Cohen will, Miss Stasi, and Kristen on Vander pump rules. A Lotta people were very upset with him saying that because after Kristen and Stasi, of course got fired. Probably closely three three months ago now for calling the cops on faith because she's black. So obviously, that's not okay. Bravo's decided to cut terms with the to vander pump rules. Oh, Jeez Andy Cohen after that news broke said that he supported Bravo's decision had commented on it since, and now he came out saying he's GonNa Miss Dossier and Kristen, and I have to say I think this is like one of the weird things and I talk about ten culture on this show all the time. So if you're new welcome to the fanny pack if you've been here for a while, you know where I stand the thing is just because i. Mad at Stasi and Kristen for what they did and I definitely think they need to do better and I think Kristen is definitely on her way. I. Reported a few weeks ago on this show that she had started donating a portion of her cameo videos to the N. w. c. p., which is awesome and I recently learned that she I'm not sure I think she made black lives matter t shirts under the James May Company if not, she is dedicating some money maybe both but she's definitely doing some work and putting her money where her mouth is because both of them gave like this really half asked apology studying kristen's apologies where pathetic. The only ones more pathetic were Andy Cohen. Lisa, vendor, pump don't get me started, but stocky and Kristen. It was obviously a publicist written apology since then stacey is only come out talking about pregnancy. The only time we see her out is regarding her pregnancy and kristen has been out doing stuff. So I wanted to go ahead and give Christopher dody shout out for that and can I just say that? I'm with Andy Cohen I think we can both want to keep Stasi and kristen available for what they did. They need to do the work but that doesn't mean if under pump rules comes back and if I decide to watch again which. Who knows if Jackson's back? I definitely won't watch if they remove him I might consider. So if that happens I, definitely Miss Dossey in Khorasan because they're the reason I love the show but then we can miss somebody and be happy for them I'm glad they're both doing. Well, I mean sausages like really doing well, right now, which is crazy which we'll talk about in just a second. But yeah, I feel Andy on that and a lot of people said, no, you can't have it both ways but I'm having it both ways right there with Andy Cohen somebody who's not having it anyway I mean Lisa Wren is doing Lisa arena but. Grow enough enough Taylor. Armstrong enough already, she said it best lease arena is putting out these dance videos and she's been doing them for a very long time. These videos are typically of her in a bathing suit will bikini. Let's be real her underwear whatever the case may be. She's got this super tone, super slender body that most of us are super envious of, and recently there has been some talk onset on camera that we've seen about Queen Cell Bouvet. Commenting on Lisa's videos and saying, well, you know maybe I wouldn't be dancing around half naked if I had a daughter with an eating disorder and that struck all the chords release arena she was not here for that. Not only did she respond to Garcia cells opinions she clapped back to an opinion which honestly I don't understand how you can't see that like maybe you're just because I've had so much pressure in my life to be thin and in the society I live in West Coast being thin is. Important to your social status sounds totally vapid and it. But it's very true and. It's always been a point of contention for me because I've never just been thin. It's just never happened if I'm thin, I'm starving in a miserable from working all the time and that is my damn honest truth long story short. Lisa rented has been making all these clapback dance videos and then all of a sudden we being us being everybody here in two thousand and twenty was gifted whether you wanted it or not the song what Pussy by Kardashian Megan the stallion, and there have been some videos that have gone back and forth between different parody accounts, Lisa, Renna, etc etc.. Lisa made this video and it's the most disturbing thing like first of all, I think or dance videos are prio. Okay. Usually this.

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