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Snapple whatever the legal procedure or formation and hills we'll see bill hi camp the referee here's the call prior to the staff the lady came by the office only for me the C. pen hills after the case again is backs talking to each other a lot she's trying to organize and timely costume which is a little faster two minutes eleven seconds ago so the five yard mark off of first in team back to the refined Russell thirty four Penn hills with the ball trailing by two scores opening quarter for receivers out an emotion left to right is drives the snap back and here's the handoff and it's going to go topic is for a loss to the thirty four to thirty five yard line Mickael Jackson the senior space heater with inside linebacker Josh reckon for a loss of one on the way nice job lower from go with that football it was going in the wrong direction right now even though a lot of leading in his drive the twelfth of the drive second in sixteen to thirty five a pine originally Indians with the ball for go out pistol for McKissick crimes comes in motion right to left towards us and the staff here's a handoff it's a play action dump off in the backfield elected it goes to grind slips to tackle comes up over thirty five of the thirty four the forest.

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