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In better hands onto willing subic podcast. If you're old enough you might remember. This was actually the mantra. The song for president clinton when he was running for president. Don't stop believing as we wait to see who the next president will be. Obviously the worst bon jovi from bon jovi is from new jersey. Just like we are. We should mention president in bon. Jovi would that particular song would be what i would here in a bar in college. After i'd swallow couple slices of pizza and figure out what the long island iced tea is. How strong do you wanna be. Alcohol volunteered our along. Because i didn't drink at all in college until my senior year. And then i had a long island and then it was all downhill gear for deer. It's been all bad so we should mention that it's been all bad for the forty niners as well. Your situation cheap drake well. I don't know it depends. I mean long island is teaser. Kind of college college. It was like how many how much how much you're getting paid. I mean you to go to the duffel bag too far. I wouldn't get paid at usc. We don't do things we didn't pay. We don't pay players at usc. I'm just be honest with you. All right it's an escrow. I want you to be honest when you hear this from nick wagner. He's our forty niners reporter. This is just an unbelievable stat. The forty niners last year in the nfc championship game. They were right there in the super bowl. Patrick mahomes doesn't convert a third and fifteen for the ages. They're probably the super bowl champions from then to now they got the packers tonight and listen to their offense and where they are now compared to that night when they whip the pack and got to the super bowl to put it into perspective for for the listeners. The forty niners the packers played. I believe it was january twentieth. They played in the nfc championship game in that game. Seven players from the forty niners touched the ball Had something to do with you know. Moving the ball of their passing receiving or running the ball. None of those seven players will be available tomorrow night when they played the packers and the only one. That's not still on the team. As mad breed of the running back who was traded to the dolphins everybody else is either injured or on the covid nineteen list and they only have three starters on offense Who will be available tomorrow night and that the other two is your left guard. You're right tackle and fullback. How us checks okay. So obviously nick recorded that last night so when he says tomorrow night. He's really speaking of tonight just for clarity. They're gonna join us this morning at nine thirty five eastern and his counterpart rob demovsky who covers the packers for. Espn will join us at nine thirty. So if you're really interested you have an opportunity. Those guys will be with us at nine thirty and nine thirty five. Am eastern because bottom. Line is Nick said it's not just injuries. There's nobody issues related to them. So we'll get the very latest. The forty niners are sitting there with four wins. We discussed this yesterday. I'm not quite sure. How the even got two four seven giants was one. That's true they might have been to. They done a great job against the nfc east but then again who hasn't right it. This guy gets to seven winds up being a little z. Here honestly if the forty niners get to like seven wins seven nine who knows what the number seven seed in the playoffs could be this year since there's a seven seed and maybe an eight depending on what happens. If they go to sixteen team schedule there could be an eight seed. I'm not kidding. Finish like seven and nine. I think he deserves coach of the year votes. I really do well. You got to see. Who else is out there. But yeah he certainly is headed down there. Track right now has done a tremendous job with players in and out of the lineup. Starting with game one against arizona cardinals when people start falling like flies and then all of a sudden you got four wins on a year. Typically though when you lose players things start to go real bad especially when you lose a starting quarterback. I have perfectly personal experiences. Evan our producer were no. We lost vinny testaverde First game of the year and we couldn't get out our own way for about seven or eight games and then all of a sudden we started to click in. We got on track. We just it's like when you lose an important part of your team. You kinda like just walk in a fall for a long period of time and i think when nick bolsa got hurt you start man. They're in trouble here it end. Deebo samuel gets hurt a little bit and then now jimmy garoppolo this is. I believe this is jimmy. Second third time this year being hurt and having a mistime second right Second year with a high ankle sprain. So impressive to me that nick mullins is one on one. Nick is going on like how. How is that too as a guy. You've been around a lot of quarterbacks who come in and come out and just be ready to perform right now. Football's next man up still carrying that kind of responsibility. I mean we've seen so many other players is your struggle with is all about. Coaching is all about coaching. And understanding. your personality your players know who you have so you can put them in the right position to succeed. A lot of times coaches will take a guy like nick mullins and act like. He's tom brady. I know he's a backup for reason. He's not just started for reason. So you have to manage the situation a certain way when you think about it. The greatest quarterback that we've seen here in the last twenty years has been one guy. Tom brady tom brady. I took over. Drew bledsoe it was play defense.

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