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On the ace and tj show followed by riggins and the week in review yet all friday morning on the ace and tj. Show before we get started with the story. I just wanna say I i realize there's a possibility that this is not true. I always am apprehensive to believe things in the internet's But more At least half of me believes that this is true is from the detroit daily news. Is that a real publication detroit daily news. yeah okay chicago. Police were called to a home after nine. One one call to find a woman hitting herself in the head with a crowbar. When two officers tried to calm her she dropped crowbar and started running her head into the living room wall. She then began punching herself in the stomach and breasts. Yelling take that and then a derogatory term for someone who is not brave or tough. They said they were finally able to subdue subdue her with a stun-gun police said she was determined to beat herself up and she did. The officer says one of the worst beatings he'd ever seen in the twenty years on the force the reason is because she Had a bet with her stepfather for twelve dollars. She said he bit me twelve dollars. I couldn't quote kick my own in quote for twelve dollars. Yes quote i knew i could beat myself up though. I am pretty tough. I wanted to really show him that. I wasn't afraid of myself. Her stepfather said he'll pay the twelve dollars for winning the For her winning the bet but he's not going to cover the expected four thousand dollars in medical expenses because she suffered multiple skull fractures and lost several teeth in the self assault is a story That may be in. The history of this is one of the craziest stories. I've ever heard so she was arrested for self harm and destruction of private property Because when she was beating herself up she broke a coffee table and some china and put many holes in the walls and her stepfather's press charges for felony property. Damage can be arrested for self harm. I guess that's kinda wild now. Riggins have you looked to save. The story is true or not. I don't want to save his true..

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