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What's happening guys happy. Efi friday l. Explain that later and thank you for joining another special episode of your welcome. The interim heavyweight title fight between derek lewis and surreal. Gone takes place tomorrow and later in the show i will give you my official prediction also coming up today. The ufc has signed a teammate. Of israel out of sonya's so mon biles made her return. And i've got an important question about conor mcgregor injury. That's all later but let's begin with some news that came out this week. Okay so apparently luke. Rock hall was offered sean strickland. We were dana. Told someone in the media this. I think it came out through a tweet luke. Rock called got asked about it and he confirmed. Here's what luke said. I think day and is trying harder than it has to be obviously just because of my outspokenness on different things. Rock told submission radio but this kid sean has been offered to me. So they're trying to do something. I haven't heard any dates or anything like that. But that is something they're interested in and yeah let's do it. I mean he doesn't help himself in any way shape or form with his style and his performance on the mike. They offered me sean. Actually a while back rock called said and i wasn't interested just because he's efi nobody and it wasn't the fight that i wanted. It didn't make any sense. No one knew of him. And i didn't give two fs about him and now it's like danish trying to piss me off with it and now he's obviously out there. He'd beat araya hall. He looked decent and he's got a ranking. So there's something to work with now i guess. They offered it to your riot. Your riot show stricklin instead of me. They offer the shemaya fight. Obviously that didn't come to be. I liked it. That was exciting. That kinda got me up. I don't know this is what we have and there were some other fights that kind of messed around with me so this is seemingly going to happen. They've just got to get a good date and somebody. That's ethene sexy and timely. I wanna fight. That's intriguing. I've done my thing. I've been champion of two different divisions. I've taken my time away. I've been through lots of surgeries. I want something that's gonna get me fired up. And i don't want to just keep following through and they're like. Hey sean strickland. I'm like who the f is. Sean strickland what the effort you talking about is that gonna make me a comeback. So i'm sure you better give me something better than that and nothing that i'm gonna come back for and month after month and it's just like they effing gave me a couple of other options and then those two options fell through and everyone's being h about it every obser- options so here we go. This is at all right guys. I'm done. I can't read or there is something about that response. That is compelling to look. Nobody wants to. Fight sean strickland. That's the truth that nobody wants to talk about. Nobody wants to fight luke rockholt. That's another truth. That nobody wants to talk about getting luke rachael the sean strickland together. Wonderful idea i'm all in. How are we going to build. A fight with sean. Strickland sassy question. How are you going to build. A fight with sean strickland. You wanna bring some attention to it at the same time. The guy doesn't leave you a lot of room to tease him. There isn't a blueprint for how to beat sean strict. He's looked pretty damn good. His record is pretty damn good. What do you do. I submit for you rock. Just did it. Just tell the truth and how you feel about it. He said i couldn't get up for it. I didn't know who the f. this kid was. Okay that's probably true. That is probably true. Sean was not known by anybody until recent period of time. Maybe even as early as a week ago when he fought riot hall. One of those things. I share my story with you guys when i met sean. He twenty one years old he was seventeen and king of the king champ. I didn't believe it. I didn't think i didn't think a twenty one year old could have seventeen fights. I was wrong. But i would go in the category of people that just didn't know who. And or what. A sean strickland is in imagine was to come out and deny this. That wanted have been good because plenty of people would and or are going to deny sean strickland but they would have done the typical use. It raked often people don't do. Is i think styles worn and all the ways to get out of a fight dealt with it rock off fight him said i wanted to fight shemaya of again no problem with any of it. I don't know who he is. I don't like his style. Let's go out and find. I'm just a for you. That's a good way to handle. The truth will set you free. Not everything has to be a show. Not everything has to be a static. Not everything has to be a yo mama joke sometimes. There's no jokes at all. I don't know who the guy was. Man he looks pretty damn good. Saw what he did your idea. Let's see if he can do it to me. I'm on board for that fight. I think the luke rocco scott a bad rap. I really have luke rock also former champion of the world. He matters his words matter his place within the sport matters. Kenny beat sean strict. There's only one way to find out that's between the two of them. But i do appreciate luke's efforts here. I look forward to hearing what shauna has to say in this fight gets made. I'm in loughran sean. Stricklin will fight. In november middleweight. The division ran by israel of sonya. And because you probably missed it. I wanna take a moment to tell you about one of the. Us's newest members who is teammate of sonya's city kickboxing kid named blood-diamond just got signed with the ufc. Welterweight let me ask you a question. How many fights is he had. You're getting cast. Of course you're gonna guess. I was asked the same question. My buddy ryan you want her on. My response was eleven throughout out. But okay somebody. You'll see welterweight. Levin fights on the regional seen guys had three. The guys had three fights. So what does that tell us. He's good at something right. he's good at something. There's only a couple of ways in with that view of fights fewest fights i've ever seen was bj penn who debuted in the ufc but that was also a different time in a different era. Pj pen was also a world champion jitsu which represented the first ever american to do so. Bj had some paper behind him. He had some people voucher but he debuted in the afc. cain velasquez. Got to the very quickly. I cannot recall how many fights but that was a simple fact of havi. Mendez told dana white. No one will fight this guy. No one will give him a fight. Then isn't it. Dan can get in fights. Timofey guide him in blood diamond. We're gonna call blood diamond right. He won't ever forget that. Name kid from africa world champion at something. I'm going to guess kickboxing. Oh why am i guessing kickboxing. I left out most report parts of the story. He's from city kickboxing. That's volkan jim. That's dan hookers jim. That's ziada is jim case. So they've got a level of clout city. Kickboxing has just that. I know of just that. I looked up that i know of seven guys in the afc blood diamonds number. That's that i know of. I think they're closer to eleven one time before guys on it..

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