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Visit us down dot com When 28 traffic and weather on the 8s the WTO traffic center and Mary de pampa All right did you thank you We're going to start in northwest as we were telling you about the issue Massachusetts avenue near waterside drive clarity from a listener both sides of mass avenue between say basically California street and waterside drive watch for police activity half of the roadway could be closed following direction and we've had a few stops already happening This is affecting waterside drive if you come in rock creek Parkway toward Massachusetts avenue be advised it is back the full length due to police action We're checking two 95 the corridor work continues near east capital street in both directions watch for barrels in both sides of soothing Parkway underneath the two 95 the work has only a single lane getting by the corridor project 95 in Virginia They've been working both directions through fairfax There were slow down southbound afternoon newington and the fairfax county Parkway you may have your lanes back but north found 95 jam from woodbridge past lorton toward the fairfax county Parkway work there still sits in the left lane The work to transform 66 continues on the outer loop is jammed from route 7 to get to 66 right side of the roadway blocked westbound on the ramp single right lane getting by both sides passing nutley street or toward nutley You've got to lame block if you're heading westbound in the right lane He's bound blocking the left lane And by a new cooling and heating system from snow heating and air and save up to a $1000 and saws thin saw as soon as tomorrow or it's free Book fast Easy book dot com Mary de pump and WTF traffic Now with the forecast Mike stenner Skies are partly sunny to mostly sunny this afternoon is going to be hot and muggy A risk of I thought I'd start by most of.

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