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So it was for me it was a real process of discovery it was exactly what rick is speaking to i all i knew the bobby kennedy was so important to my family is an african american family and you know over the course of the last several years in making different films made a film about public defenders attorney general eric holder told me that bobby kennedy was an inspiration for him he had a picture of bobby kennedy over his desk in the justice department and that you know his name bobby kennedy's name was invoked so many times particularly in the black community and i really wanted to explore that and in the film you know we really did get to see kennedy's evolution as a person as a politician and that's really what i wanted to show i also had a similar instinct to wreck which is i think it's important because you know for people like me who we weren't there we didn't feel that energy we didn't feel that hopefulness to try and recreate that to try and bring that to people to understand to see something that that explains why kennedy was such a transformative political figure i have to say don you pick the right i shot for the first episode of the documentary for sure that shot of bobby kennedy in a convertible rolling through the streets of los angeles and people are just mobbing him on the street like they're walking up to him and hugging him and grabbing onto him and his aide has got his arm around bobby kennedy's waste try to keep him from being pulled out of the car it's kind of it's a it's a great image for someone who's never had a visceral understanding of the fact that people loved bobby kennedy in a way that feels kind of.

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