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The different people from different generations that are like so jealous it's young people it's people that are my aides that we're watching that world cup the ninety diners team our brandy chest and ripped off her shirt and and celebrated and people now who watcher on espn um she's just a she's just up a glowing light of energy and of success happiness and positively and i hope you guys enjoy our conversation it it meanders from here and there and anna i love chatting with her so here it is that's what she said that's what she said so happy to welcome in former us women's national soccer team captain and superstar i already gave you all the accolades it's my girl julie foudy thinks and what made time for me fowdie keep going fainter yeah well i said earlier so you'll have to listen to hear me let's start with their day today so you just released your first book congratulations it's called choose to matter being courageously and fabulously you you were doing the thing on gma and now you're in my city in chicago for our big espn w summit and tell me about your day tell me about the book i'm an author by the way i am an author bowed down fowdie so as of on could trump just you know i think you day with great robin roberts is in the book and she was fabulous enough to um and the gma folks to have me out there to launch hits on may this morning show we did that and then i hope that a plane and came to to your fabulous sitting which i love which is a little bit chilly as notts but yet spring has not psbr no but um but yeah it was super exciting cause.

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