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If you're familiar with that with that minnesota front all around you a very downer for the throat a tori smith at the end of the house perfect was fantastic a in that that's what i think is the most important thing letting doug peterson has to keep that drive at the end of the first half in mind during the course of this game that you can never let off the gas against new england i think a lot of people hey let's run a draw let's run a screen let's see what happens maybe we get a field goal opportunity out of this through a seem to be a mentality to go around the field score a touchdown gubbay time against a very good david arrested and nfc title game finally april fatif coming up our favorite day next to super bowl sunday what are we need it oba liberty tax well we need to know that we don't want to wait until april 15th to do this so we we actually did a campaign shortly after thanksgiving and try to get people you know thinking about filing your taxes early putting themselves in a position to get the early refund on january six that works or back out adhered super bowl and we're doing it again we're incentivizing with a double or something campaign and and what's going to happen here is if you file your taxes at liberty tax liberty tax is going to ask you to stand out a tweet with the hashtag liberty tax double and tell us how you would spend your refund if liberty taxes doubled it up to twenty five hundred dollars or if they major payment with the money that you owed the government up the twenty five hundred dollars so should send out a tweet with a hashtag liberty tax double after you file your taxes with liberty tax and that will make you eligible for the contest to get the ah the 2500 dollar doubled refund or the money that you would owed to the government and we're gonna pick two winners and the.

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