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That game in mind we did have other bigger news in the nfl we got suspensions handed down in the world of chains action now this is as we detailed yesterday chain snatching part two involving michael crabtree from the loss no still the oakland raiders going to be las vegas raiders almost got ahead of that one block the anti chargers on this route three michael crabtree to keep to lead from the denver broncos we remember they got an altercation the game this weekend there was a chain that was snatched by keep to leave and the resulting fight didn't suit a man donald pen would still by settlers dave people you stop trying donald pan he was involved in that gave jackson also involved in that scuffle was objected from the game but now it comes out reported by our own adam schefter yesterday michael crabtree to keep to libor both being suspended two games each for unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness now this is a very unusual stench because usually when you were thrown out of a game as early as they were that was three minutes into that game but that occurred i kept stress it enough how early in that game that fight occurred but they came ready for this we'll tell you how ready to minute but they came ready for this and so usually when you were rejected and you missed that tire game that is usually been enough for the league historically but given that this was a second offence that there clearly seem to be part of this that was decided well in advance and that there was basically a fullon fence by the end zone after relief felt compelled set the tone now two games seems pretty steep and for both of these teams i mean this is why you her vance joseph up after the game saying this is unacceptable to have these kind of personal vendettas because it affects the team alec the broncos are going to be without one of their best corners for two weeks the oakland raiders i mean how you of your other star receiver and a concussion protocol right now you're going to be wondering who david is going to be throwing the ball to derek are going to be throwing the ball to this weekend.

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