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Fifth in it wasn't like oh us doing a mock drought like our. Let's get this over with. Yeah so i mean it. It's it's interesting but yeah. I mean pretty clearly all listed as ahead of the pack there and i like hawkins is really hit. Some impressive place today to Even with the pads on. I mean i think you know it's it's hard to tell sometimes With these runs. Because there's no full tackling but guys will grab stop you and Hawkins didn't get stopped. You know it's kind of lost sivan behind the pile. But he kind of made some nifty moves and and got out there in space and score another touchdown and it's like full contact. I don't know if he would have escaped or not but still impressive to. He's shifty and he's really damn fast when he gets out in the open field i mean he. He made oliver look silly. is all. I think oliver was at the backside. Contain on that he just kind of out raynham to the end zone there And please don't use this as an excuse to dunk on oliver. Oliver has been mostly fine. Just you know just to winning out that he be a starting caliber corner there But speaking of the defense it's worth talking about the defense. Because i think the defense was very impressive The defense is going to have an advantage early on because it's a new offense new install. Everyone's kind of get used to it but we did see a couple. More turnovers today Eric harris the safety had very nice. Pick where he read the play. The whole way broke on the ball. Who's able to kind of pick it off in jumping from the past And then foyer awoken. Also oluwole concerns me Was able to rip out a ball on a run play and get the force fumble and recovery himself which of course he was great at last year so it seems like that trans continuing but what do you think about the defense really seeming to emphasize creating turnovers this year. And how important is not gonna be for a unit that may be is going to rely on that a little bit more than you'd want to on enemy became changes for the defense. And it's it's really nice to see that they're you know doing this in camp because again the defense is supposed to have the advantage early on in camp. That doesn't always mean that it's going to translate like that so you know it's really nice to see that's happening and you know you said at the defense it's they're gonna force a lot of turnovers this season just because this unit isn't very talented you know relatively speaking when you look at the other defensive units around the nfl. I'd say that this would probably be a bottom ten defense in the league when it comes to your talent But probably a bit better with coaching. Because we've seen what dean pees has been able to do with defenses whose talent levels weren't really all there we Couple of years ago so definitely if the defense can be a plus unit when it comes to force turnovers and they were not that last year. They weren't that last season than you know..

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