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Why did you not lead us here from the very beginning you know this is the wheel house for our entire show. How is it that we've just unearthed it forty five minutes in from the bottom of Mike Ryan cell phone. Because you and Mike of Ameri. So. Let's it. He looks fantastic. Have you guys seen Corey Dickerson? He's those people. Would not know Corey Dickerson if I woke up next to him. I. I. Think they'll hold on a second. WHO's this guy? Tell me if I'm wrong about this is he somebody Chris in that game that they had where survey hit the three run homer in the ninth earlier in that inning did is he the guy who had a really long bat fouling balls off fouling balls off and then yanked it to the first basement and growers kid gobbled up is that the same guy? I believe so he's known for long at bats. He chokes a cop hours worth loves the WAY HE CHOKES UP. Yeah. That's the same guy. It's obviously a great asset to have a guy that is show except that is not good. Tony put a of things on the poll here because there are some funny things here one can you trust somebody who has never eaten bread and to do you want the feature in your baseball team to celebrate being a guy who chokes up well I mean, yes or no Shokhin pokes very important Dan but the crazy part about this is this isn't just him being like arm. So healthy I don't eat carbs. He doesn't like bread he doesn't like the texture of bread. He looks fantastic though I was thinking to myself I shouldn't eat bread or hamburgers. This, Guy, you guys seem very fits they. Just told you I wouldn't recognize him. If I woke up next to him I probably seen him but all the Marlins, it's just facial blindness with me. There's a guy that looks like one of the Molina's at superfund in the in the dugout because he goes yard. WHO's this guy? The unnecessary Torres I don't know that sounds right. The marlins also have this thing they're doing on Youtube. It's called the clubhouse. It's like a show that they're releasing once a week last week they did like a town hall and basically Miguel Row Haas is Ryan seacrest in key hosts every episode and he I mean he is he's a good guy he's got a good personality but it's like why are they turning Miguel Row Hossen did This guy who's like literally hosting show that is like a personality 'cause they paid him this off season and you know how the Marlins do it. If they can also get hosted TV show they finally they gave him a little bit of money and said, hey. Can you also host a show for US weekly and also we need some help with the plumbing in in section over there. Chris in this youtube original series because all these teams now just essentially do their own hard knocks, but it's not accessible. I. Would love for this to be on conventional platform that I could access it. But I don't remember Oh my God the Indians have their own hard knocks but a staple of doing like the inside hi Fi. You know team documentary, it has to begin with a slow motion shot of a sprinkler. Got It always staple always yeah or if it's a baseball one, you got to see like the lines being chalked always in some ocean dude. This is like a hard knocks move to at every first episode of hard knocks. You see them like putting up some like sign on offense and using one of those lanyard things to tie it in like I love the. Field during a harden I, want a green light a series where it's just. Like. Jerry rounds, keepers that would begin slow motion here. So Great. You come out with a thirty minute show and all of it is just those shade opens and the show is over. Twenty two minutes you just do twenty two straight minutes cliche open thirty, five minutes into it, and like wait is this just groundskeepers rolling a tarp the entire Stocking locker with. Agree with that the knock started during a pandemic and all they did was you saw them just setting up literally setting up the whole season by just going out. Just, hey white. Hey, why's that guy? Fred. Just wandering over there with a yellow bucket, you see them put the sticker golf over the locker and by the end of the episode, the slow motion poll of the Label Goff Locker of. I just got this I mean, and you have like Leah Schreiber, occasionally just narrate what's happening. The stories are on the grounds keepers here because we have no preseason football get to know those guys Mike What'd you call him Lee Schreiber. Leave it's live. I thought it was live. Okay. Leave it's leave fiber Lee's I'm sorry. Not said as. He did he did he put an extra syllable in there? I was pronouncing it Kiev. Yes. That's exactly what you were doing. Kiev, but just spelled that way. Right? You are being true to the spelling. Yeah I'm sorry. Are We bigly of Schreiber fans here I'm sorry. He's good. Donovan. Goose. Yeah. There was a ray Donovan show where he got around Los Angeles everywhere in like ten minutes, which is it was incredible. He never had to do anything you've never in traffic never had a charges phone he never had A. Baseball kick. People's ass. It's a credible. He's got an amazing voice. He's as good at narration as anybody. Really using credible I don't know who who, I compare him to I guess Morgan Freeman Right. But Morgan Freeman using more he's still gets voice work, but it's sketch. There are still real life ray, Donovan are there. I'm sorry hold on a second I need to I need to stop here and just understand why Mike Ryan just filed the.

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