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Everything else. It's been kind of lingering around that senators franchise for awhile. It's really cool to see. Drake's i don't think there's anything. Dj smith can hand this kid. Did you won't be able to handle. It doesn't mean it's gonna get fifty goals. But i don't. I don't think there's anything he can't well. And i also like derek step on is just trying to shepherd this kid into the national hockey league. Having fun william talk about how he feels like. He's is adopted. Son things of that nature so right. Well i'll tell you now. You're here's a funny. Thanks so when when patrick stephan came to atlanta was nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine and my oldest son was eleven matt and patrick was eighteen and i was thirty five to the house for dinner. Patrick had more in common with match step in for cheryl. When he's got he's got a radio he's got his own kids. Who are that much younger than him. Tim still slow. So it's a weird as you get older it's like wow that's a weird sing are wrap-up headlights talked about The new kubois scenario. And i feel like we're going to talk about this on the podcast locher and season two. Obviously tell you it's dealt and there are some who believe it's going to be sooner rather than later just to avoid the distraction but you're talking about a guy early twenties six three two hundred twenty pounds center who always at least the number two in teams. The national league is dan near a number one center and who knows what the upside of of dubois is going to be here. I think conservatively we can stay. Three of the canadian teams would have of interest. And i'm talking about montreal. Winnipeg calgary and there's probably. I mean probably every canadian team would would inquire i don't know how edmonton can make it work. But why wouldn't why wouldn't ottawa inquire for sure. Why wouldn't you of course when you've got a plethora there's that word again right. Yeah i like it two weeks in a row too. I can't use the third week in a row. otherwise you do. But ottawa's got that great collection of of young players that have been at sea for sharing. Belleville like and peered oriented. He's gotten crafty during his time in in ottawa. So that that might be something can pull off. And then you look at them with the the the american based teams. We know the new york rangers are going to be in their los angeles kings anaheim ducks love to acquire. Pierre-luc watt am looking at chicago. The uncertainty of jonathan toews. What's going on there. you know. Maybe stan moment can lob something at your milkshake align in that that makes sense anyway. Give us your assessment. A beer liuyang. If a general manager for any of the teams that i've just mentioned how hard would you be on this guy. I would be on the phone right away. I man the guy is the guy has untapped offensive potential. And i say it's untapped because he's not gotten to that maturity of being able to do more to his game or columbus plaza direct straight line style fitch really good with a big really good skating Powerful centerman now. What i think of a number one center i think of the slickness of mcdavid or a dry. Seidel are matthews herb. That's that's a number one center to me..

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