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Tocci representative henry clay argued for the invasion and conquest of british canada antibritish sentiment was at a boiling point finally in june of eighteen twelve after a speech by president james madison to congress recounting american grievances against great britain the house and senate rushed to vote for war madison signed the declaration seventeen days later at the time jackson had his eyes turned south towards the riches of florida and had been for some time advocating its invasion to it from spain but with a declaration of war against britain jackson left at the opportunity to offer the services of his tennessee militia and seek revenge for the trauma of his youth within a year he was marching east with about two thousand men intending to help defend new orleans from british and native american attack he got as far as natcher's then part of the mississippi territory when he was told to disband his troops and relinquish his plies to the troops already in new orleans he gave up his supplies but refused to abandon his volunteers to find their own way home instead he pledged his own money to finance the supplies needed for the trip back to tennessee the return journey was brutal the men turned sick and hungry many reaching the verge of death jackson gave up his horse for the sick and marsh with the troops side by signed every backbreaking mile his fortitude earned the respect of his men and also his most famous nickname old hickory.

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