Belfort, Social Media, Google discussed on MMA Junkie Radio - Episode 2,467: Evan Dunham, Simon Samano


Holly home bechke ahead is the main event there retort belfort open to a neutral ground rematch with the markwort falling ufc two thousand twelve excuses um not interested me neither meaning there wasn't that great of a fight and i just just give ito someone else symbols that you know whatever uh but interesting to see that he'd be willing to fight outside of brazil um i think we're pass that i mean you thought is testing worldwide is his that apparently global he's a big star for them and they always request to have retore invites and that's a huge part of for the ufc uh derek lewis firing back on social media towards travers brown i don't feel like the biggest arsenal of comebacks that i've ever seen but he was basically tom up the google translate with france in ghana telling brown yeah you know i thought brown could set a little bit more for the way lewis is always tom around her house yet this fiancee allowed but uh who knows nothing will heat up at who knows we need see that particular fight again except we know that ufc the does love those uh those donald fites lastly carrie ann taylor melendez is out of belt or nyc saw unfortunate there for her she had a i gotta give it up she added really nice k owner last night i take some calls here if you want joined the party it's eight six six five two two two eight for six will start off with marco waco texas what's up marco matta go home what go get a timer.

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