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And and give me a little bit of my history as far as of the professional basketball's concern and of course of after two yet you say cigarette asked me so so why don't you like the bullets anymore got to ask me that the magic question asks me why don't you like these bullets no while costa bullets don't exist and after they changed their name to the wizards which is one of the worst monikers and in sports the washington wizards i mean really uh i lost interest in the in the franchise and i said you know something i'm just gonna i'm just going to follow the nets and and that's going to vietnamese um i'm not going to look back and i'm not going to apologize i i don't play those games i give you know there was nothing wrong with the name washington bullets they had a cool logo they have one of the greatest uniforms in the nba as far as i'm concerned talking about their uniforms that they were when they won the ah the nba championship and they were those uniforms for many many years and every time that the bullets used to come down to the garden uh or i will end or they played the nets out in jersey dino was their dna was dino was nothing i tried to give rick mahorn out there the bullets were getting blown out of the game i forget when it was but the mahorn was on the team and it was halftime of the teams came back out on the court and was standing on a baseline underneath the basket and a bullets at you know they did they showed up like they weren't even dubbed didn't want to play and again blown out and i'm tomo warn a wreck let's go get the guy's got imo horns stared me down and the it was very is very frightening experience i must tell you uh to have rick more and look at un rick mormons looking at may that night so uh well under a manual moody i is is in new york nook and of their.

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