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To one it's the same way that right now for instance we have the lakers to win the championship for next season at five to one i think the real price is more like twenty two one it's art efficient pricing when you know the money is going to come in any way i think we will write some tickets on the two one and maybe when it does go lower the people will continue to bet the anyway i don't think we're gonna see too many bets on the no i would agree with that i agree with doug as well i think he know the real price would be would be a little higher like minus three hundred minus four hundred i i do think durant is a wild card from everything it sounded like this summer the warriors did not want lebron joining that team i think it's also interesting to see where free agents will want to go i e you have a very strong celtics team why wouldn't i want to join again the contracts may not work why wouldn't i want to join a really strong team in the east that has competition of basically the seventy sixers and maybe the raptors to get to the finals as opposed to go to the west to play with again as we said lebron has to age at some point i know i always a free but it's gotta happen at some point and a very stacked western conference it you know i i guess i'd put this out there are the lakers definitely a playoff team in the west there are definitely a playoff team we've talked about it a little bit we're thinking they the playoff yes price on the lakers would be somewhere in the neighborhood of minus four hundred maybe a little bit higher than that certainly no guarantee that this is a team that didn't even come close to the playoffs last year lebron's going to be thirty four years old in december you can't expect them to play eighty two games like he did last season be a lot lot harder road tests in the western conference than he had in eastern conference i think they'll find a way to sneak into the playoffs ben but it's not like it's a guarantee yeah i think the biggest issue with that team is more like chemistry i think you have a lot of characters with land stevenson and rajon rondo i mean let's not forget rondo at kicked off some dallas maverick's a couple of years ago because he couldn't figure stuff out and rick carlisle link lincoln out here i mean look lebron is the solution to a lot of chemistry issues he took jr smith under his wing so to speak and i know we know what happened in game one but for the most part jr behaved all things considered and other sort of projects and i just don't see all these guys getting together with a coach that lebron's a couple years older than lebron i i just think the potential of like the hollywood nonsense i mean look what happened with the ngelo russell and swaggie in hollywood and then you have the car dash lurking i it's just it could be a disaster of a locker room of to a team in a roster you're right that do not sniff the playoffs slasher now they played better in the second half and i think we'll make the play playoff this year but this this is not the cavs in the east with lebron do you factor the kardashian family in it all to that four year price doug i mean the the car dashing berle's or they all going to be part of your formula there that's a great i just imagined that's why the phone call was so contentious you want me to call now it's out of state he's at the compound i can give them a call it'd be like do you want to reevaluate this thing a little bit there are five kardashian girls lurking in the southern california area there one of one of them get their claws into our ads on a floaty you know he's got the phone there we don't we don't want to disturb him on the same compound is in nevada who would we talk which which of the compounds were referring to the one is that now yeah he's got the one he's now he's in the utah version but you know he he get a you get like a red phone like batman or how does it work i think it's like tape to his leg and you know he gets a call about something important like.

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