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You should see the video, too. Point boy dot com. The video is so humiliating. It's so demoralizing. It's so dehumanizing, escaped the like watching it. And Miss Kristin at daycare is now shared the video with all the other kids. Parents who have never met me either. So so dehumanizing. Perez is wearing this awful like pig bonnet with this huge big nose, holding a microphone, shopping, itin, twisting snout and yelling stage directions. Like Oy 0.1. Telling Stage two right, Taylor, pull my tail. If disgusting, sweetheart. This is the moment or Daddy humiliates himself. I think this is so dumb. This is the moment. Like like Were you wondering one of a father or a total circus prop right now, By the way, Daniel 10 minutes late to work yesterday had to explain to reports what happened. Oh, Just forward, hurt to Facebook dot com slash the th sure that's what they did. They pulled up that video owners It was an excuse lightness. Pull it. Okay. Oh, man actually have tears, my eyes. That video is just an all time classic. I think this is so dumb. Yep. Boy. Exactly. Right, Danielle Going boy Daniel, echoing the sentiments of all of our bosses everywhere. This is so dumb guys. Disgusting. This is dumb. It disgusting. Why do you keep doing it? Going, boy. Come on, be as our headlines this morning, Mr folks, What do we got? As we've already discussed. No repeat yet of his game. 5 49 point masterpiece. Kevin Durant scored 32 but on 30 shots in Game six in Milwaukee last night, his nets losing one. Oh 4 89. For the most part that I was aggressive professional defense and gain aggressive is always positive for us. Try not to duplicate shoot nice like that. I'm just trying to let the game flow and tonight wasn't unknown. James Harden was better than game. 5 16 points, five rebounds, seven assists and four steals, But Jeff Green only scored five after 27 on Tuesday. Chris Middleton, a postseason career high 38 to get the Bucks to a Game seven. It is tomorrow night in Brooklyn. Only the home team has won so far in this series. First up is tonight. It's Game six for the Hawks and Sixers and the Clippers and Jazz, Atlanta and lock in advance at home. Kawai Leonard and his sprained knee remain out. Rick Carlisle is out after 13 seasons as maps, head coach. He says it was his call to step away after multiple talks with Mark Cuban. But there are reports of tension between Carlisle and Luca Dancevic, four under the lead after Day, one of the U. S Open, Russell Henley and Louis Eustace and shared who's tasting one of 36. We need to finish their opening around this morning that starts at 6 50 Pacific. Brooks kept a John Rama Denki Matsuyama, part of a group at two under Bryce into Shambo Way to over 73 Yesterday, a 74 for Phil Mickelson pays then two straight wins now for the Lightning, this time to one on Long Island, so they leave their semifinal with those Islanders two games to one. Carolina's Rod Brenda Moore won the Jack Adams Trophy for coach of the year. Hours after getting a new three year contract from his hurricanes baseball last night, the Padres led to nothing through a then allowed four runs Top nine, then got the whim. From Tamworth modest leading for space not running and.

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