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You might just learn to love the king of vegetables. That's it for this week show. If you tuned into later binge listening every single episode, you can download Milk Street. Radio Apple Podcast spotify forever you find your podcasts. Learn more about milk street. Please go to one, seven, seven, milk streak, dot com there. You can find recipes take a free online cooking class or order our latest cookbook milk street fast and slow instant pot cooking and speed you need. You can also find us on facebook Christopher Kimble's street on instagram and twitter and one, seven, seven milk. Street. We'll be back next week with more food stories and thanks as always for listening. Christopher Kimble's Milk Street radio is produced by Milk Street in association with W. G. B. H. Executive Producer Melissa Bongino Senior Audio Editor Melissa Allison Co Executive Producer Andy sensabaugh associate producer Jackie noack. Production Assistant Sarah Class and production help from Debbie Paddock senior audio engineer David Goodman additional editing from Vicky Merrick Sydney Lewis, and Samantha Brown an audio mixing from. Atlantic public media in woods. Hole Massachusetts. Theme Music By crew additional music by George Bernard Igwe. Kris Jenner Kimble's milk street radio abused by Pete Artifacts..

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