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We are the ones that are so. I grew up in the in that world. Okay now the problem of course. Is that if you raise the community. You go to the greek church. I went to the greek parochial school. When i was in queens new york and the problem was my mother was german so i was not hundred percent greek. And you feel that you're hanging out with the greeks and they're all they speak at home. We spoke english at home because my mother didn't speak greek my father and speak german. We spoke english so we felt a little bit. Like i didn't belong that much. And i was trying to be more greek to fit in right so when you are growing up in the. It's actually to larry us when you think this was not some horribly scarring thing okay. I'm not gonna pretend like my book is about you know. I defeated this horrible wound. I was my father. Beat me down no. I was blessed by my mother and father but it is true that i felt like a fish out of water. And that's why the title book is fish out of water. Because you feel like you're not you don't really belong quite. you're trying to get in. But i had that experience throughout my life mention a couple of the cases but the lord in the dream that i talked about at the end of the book reveals himself to me in a way where the term fish out of water has a different meaning and it was so mind blowing i. I don't think i'm going to really tell that to you. But it's just it was a dream where you just know this god. This was got. He knows me. He knows the details of my life. He knows the greek party knows that he knows each of us. In a way that we don't know ourselves even our spouses our parents that you know they know us sometimes better than we know ourselves but god knows us infinitely better than that and that's an important thought for us just to think for a second that is true. Sometimes we think theoretically it's true but it's actually true the lord in this dream which is at the end of my book he reveals this to me. And that's what blew. My mind was like boom over. I have no doubt this god. He's real but growing up. I grew up in the greek orthodox church and they didn't really give you the gospel. They kind of assume. You're greek your christian boom. That's it you're not a turkey and a muslim. You're not an atheist. Come on you know your greek. that's it now. There's a lot of people around the world like that. In my book. I read about the germans. They felt the same thing. We're lutherans invented protestantism. Come on all you have to do is be german. Your lutheran you're done you don't eat. You're going to do anything about it. And it's all about grades right not exactly in some ways it is but so the point is that there are a lot of people that they carry around this ethnic pride and they proud but it can go too far and so.

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