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Frenzied massive energy and leave them wanting more but this show almost didn't happen as most of you may know there was a horrific event that occurred on april fourth just the day prior that permanently scarred the history of the united states martin luther king had been assassinated in memphis tennessee in an emotional response to the tragedy people took to the streets all across the country some were understandably disbelief some were looking for comfort in the arms of friends and family but some some had other intentions in their hearts riots broke out from city to city fires consume blocks of houses in clashes broke oh between the public and the police it became so widespread that the government enacted a state of emergency and the army camped out in front of the white house needless to say having a concert where a large gathering of already emotional people who would be stirred into a fervor only to release down into the streets mullet didn't seem ideal both the newly elected liberal maher his name was james white and james brown band members had fears that more violence would erupt but james brown would not be tonight and with the help of city councilman tom achim an agreement was reached albeit there was a catch james would be allowed to play boston gardens but now the concert would be televised as well and provided all boss donations for free the thinking was at the majority of people would rather stay home and watch this concert on tv thus reducing the opportunity for violent from the outset it appeared to have the effect with only fifteen hundred out of the fifteen thousand seat venue showing up an hour after the scheduled start time james and his band took to the stage and here is where the gravity of this performance had gripped james his band the audience and the city james knew he had to set the tone from minute one instead of the normally hypnotize displays of exuberance and passion james started the event seated and after a few pop ballads james invited both the mayor and councilmen onto the stage and after aching spoke some inspired words the mayor came on stage but before kids could introduce them james grab the.

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