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Notify them about one of these guard members. And then, in the other case, it was from an anonymous tip. Actually, for so there were two of them that have been removed from their details over that extremist concerns. Now they say that they will be sent home and then their command back at their home base or Uh, you know, law enforcement back where they live, will conduct any further investigation or disciplinary action or whatever might come of this that will be conducted once they get home. Then the other 10 were removed, according to the Department of Defense, for other reasons, disciplinary issues or there was Some potential criminal links or something like that, that they uncovered through this additional vetting process and the Department of Defense said in all of these cases, The first goal was just removed them from service or remove them from this particular assignment. And then once they return home, they'll investigate or see if there's anything that needs to be done further. We're speaking with ABC s Mark Rima Lard who's on the scene in Washington, D. C and Mark You are there on the scene. By this time tomorrow, Jill Biden will be the president of the United States. So Biden Term is going to begin on a very somber note tonight. The city of Washington, D. C, as well as the country marked the grim milestone of 400,000 people. Dead from covert 19. We passed that milestone today. I'm right now. Currently I'm standing outside the Washington National Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the country. Where they told the Bells 400 times tonight. One per every 1000 deaths to mark that grim milestone and, you know, I think it's um This extraordinary or or incredibly in astounding that 400,000 people have died in 364 days since our first case. The first case in the United States occurred one year. Ago tomorrow on Inauguration Day, So it shows how serious this is, and it's just been just over a month. It's 300,000 people had died. So Biden's term begins on a very somber note. And as we know he's got his work cut out for him. ABC is Mark Rima Lard in Washington, D C. Mark, thank you and look forward to hearing your reporting on Inauguration Day. Yeah, thank you for having me. We'll have full coverage tomorrow. Here on coma news. That's come most. Charlie Harder. Come on. News news. Are you ready? Make your best guess Who is it? Who is it Time? The comb. Oh, afternoon sound bite. Mob was fed lies..

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