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Tyler and mark and we are going to continue this discussion. Because i don't i don't know how but it's it seems like i'm the bad guy in this. Somehow where i. I generally agree with a lot of what you're saying. Mark with regards to the federal government being this Omnipotent violent organization that whole follows. No rules does whatever they once. I think they follow a you know a a loose reading of the rules. Okay yeah and i guess you have to. You have to get to a certain level of prominence to get on their radar so mike. My claim was if i write my landlord rent check and i post dated a week. Yep sure i might be breaking the law. Are you familiar with the book. Three felony today the average american commits three felonies per days. I'm worthy book. I haven't read it so find felony. Check kiting for the post stated. Rent check nip. That'll never never see the light of day. Probably not probably not and then we extrapolate that out to the rate on the free talk live studio and there are Musings malone's yang social media from people in the know. I guess i don't want to necessarily name names or point things out that the reason that this That these decrypt. Oh six are in trouble is because they're doing real activism whereas everyone else on the internet is just keyboard warriors talking behind a chair. Never getting out and doing the real thing i go. Well free talk. Live is just a radio show. All we do is talk and if if you know if they're not going to go after the keyboard warriors because that's all talk and talk isn't worth the time of day. Well then why go after. Free talk live. When we talk there's no activism in free. Talk live necessarily sir. Their hosts a free talk. Live that do activism separately from the radio show certainly Every movement needs the doers but needs the talkers to the talkers. Inform and free talk live on two hundred radio stations across the country We just had a quarter million downloads. In the month of march we are a good sized medium sized fish. I mean we're not joe rogan or anything like that. Although there were the days that we were the number one podcast in the world but those on yeah. There was a day where the top twitter guy had fifty thousand followers. Yeah those were the days. I don't know where he's at but he's probably at one hundred now and yeah i mean those are those are good numbers but they're not just stellar whatever they are. So you need the talkers. And you need the doers. Sure i reject the notion that somehow. It's the doers. The do everything and the talkers do nothing. Because what i would say this is is that look. They clearly came after ian. Obviously there were five people. Doing a variety of different things allegedly allegedly. Well they were doing things. Okay let's there's no doubt. They were doing things right and of those things they were doing. Some of them are doing the things that Some of the things that made the i. Mad more frequently than ian was and those people got you know charges lesser released on bond. You know like a variety of things. So what i would say is free. Talk live has been an easy plum to be picked by the fbi. Why because if i listened to the bail hearing unlike likely the both of you because it was boring and i watched the first one i didn't he is it. Well the the one that got in on the zoom they tell me if i mess anything up. They basically said he's the fifth sophisticated cyber criminal kingpin. I believe this term. They used that he Facilitated internet scammers in romance scams and a variety of other scams in getting bitcoin ripping off the american public. Right that's fair okay. Why isn't the fbi going after the internet scammers. Well they might be. They can't the internet scammers aren't in america and he doesn't have any jurisdiction over it so they're just they're like kosh makes us so mad. Well there's this radio program where this guy they keep on talking crap about us where they call us murderous lying pedal excuse me child pornographers. I don't know if they're pedophile. Not that i know that in two thousand fifteen they were the largest distributor of child pornography on the planet. I know they not only took over website. The distributed child pornography but the upgraded the site. And she's going to run it so that people could download more child pornography. I also know that a small fraction of one percent of those people were picked up and arrested in um and almost nothing happened to those people so to. I'm gonna cut you off there real quick mark because we have nobody on line three calling from jail presumably presumably so middle button middle button. Nobody nobody live. How are you sir. Hey how bad to hear your voice man. Spit out what you've got to. I'm trying to turn up. So i hear you more. Okay you got four minutes. Make it make it stellar. You've got four minutes make it stellar. Do my best. Are we on the air. Yes talk new. Hey this is nobody calling from some county jail in new hampshire. I'm still not entirely sure. Where the hell i am. They dragged you in and haven't seen the two weeks now..

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