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The Tempe improv now it's a little different he will be reading from the best selling book letters from a not by Ted L. Nancy and Patrick joins us now in studio Patrick thanks for coming in well thank you mac it's great to be here what attracted you as a performer what attracted you to this instead we just don't say stand up or something else do no hard stand up is do you ever do them back the answer was no yes I don't know what to do stand up I'm a little green at the the stand up you gotta eat drink and brief that stuff in order to be great so I just had to start doing stand up at the tender age of fifty four on may I comment on stage and you know I've got to do but a ten or fifteen minute introduction which is essentially them stand up I've been a huge Seinfeld fan love John Seinfeld is the party character was that character created for you no but there is an evolution there it was a one off it was just an episode I think cakes I created a a bit of a character that a light so they brought him back there a couple of years I could've gone gone back I couldn't do it because I was on another show the CBS show for two years spent hours regular and they would they would let me no contract that I write anywhere else yet so that was a little frustrated in the show was on was probably the you know the eightieth rated show Friday night show and I am getting enquiries from sign fell right come back and I can't says one of those things where you get the call sign filled once you do a one and done and you're like yeah I'm gonna take my shot on this I'm gonna leave them with something that wants them to call me back was it a one liner was it was if the dead panned you know no it was I went in and I you know read for Jerry Larry David and they liked what I did and ma'am laugh and so was the jury's mechanic right right right I figured you know most of the guys go in the room they seem to be more like your Tony's in your Vinnie's you know that kind of thing I know is that the way it was written I just decided to what this guy just has a screw loose not all there yeah just a damn ball dim balled you know he's the kind of guy that's funny to watch from the outside and go what a more want to hang out with that nobody wants to hang out with them well Elaine did figure that out do you guys would break up all the time if you break up on a plane on one of the episodes of Seinfeld sure we broke up all the time they there's two didn't have anything in I just you know I just thought like it only he must've been moved you know remarkable set like I don't know there was something that she needed Patrick Warburton as our gas the is in town at the Tempe improv tonight one performance tonight I will be there in the performance dragging Patrick down like a millstone around his on a why he asked me but I'm glad he did at the Tempe improv tonight and of course tomorrow night there's two shows this is going to be a little different in the fact that it is a show not a stand up show but a show about a guy plunking corporations it's hysterical who is the best to work with did you enjoy being on stage with one more than the other now I wouldn't say that yeah did you know Michael Richards was a racist she he's not right now right now I know something horrible happened I know I know and I think he was trying to do something sort of edgy and yes free see it but there is the frustration of getting heckled it just didn't come across right and it's a tragedy that you know are because he's a very kind hearted soul who is not a racist but you know right I was being sarcastic and I know that you are yeah I I'm just as you know as friends of who is Kerr understands at your who knew him back in the day just you know just wanted you know wanted to show that but it seems like everybody that worked with Jerry just you guys all got along there was never there was never any Charlie Sheen tiger blood drama there was never this person's holding out in this person's holding out for more money absolutely but that all star to the top and Jerry is a very easy across hers now is he is he a friend is he a boss easy just what the guys got the name of the show so you got to listen to him what what what no I've never ever experienced or heard anything about Jerry being a hard **** yeah you just can't you down and I think he's just I've been on shows where you know if it was an actor show they would be very terribly and secure and make sure that you know they be insecure about other actors getting funny lines and secure a spot as well as David spade he's actually he is actually not one of them now I know I know of Davey and he's one of the funniest people naturally funniest people I've ever met you others he goes out there though that say I don't have anybody to be funnier than me and I've worked with them and I will not mention the names but Jerry's I've worked with them too and I won't mention any thanks a lot or you're looking right well you know you know what what one guy that comes to mind is Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel doesn't want to be necessarily the funniest guy in the state he doesn't care I've seen an interview with them he wants it to be enjoyable for the audience if it's his line that's great wonderful if it's the gas line it's great even better and I think it's tough to find in Hollywood well you know a boy walking your works find out every day now today in your house bottom your burden joins us is gonna be the Tempe improv tonight you can get tickets to Tempe improv dot com tomorrow night as well to shows tomorrow night one show tonight I will be there just embarrassing myself in front of everybody's going to be great you're put in a costume or so I'll be embarrassing you well that's fine that's fine you're the headliner hi hi trying in Paris and every day it's a lot of fun Leo is what he does he's five years older than me but I think I act like the older brother picking on the little brother yeah that's basically what it is yeah he's only five years older than you when I went wait a minute yeah we did you I I know from watching the show before it that you wanted to be an actor your parents really weren't enthusiastic let's say about you know going to Hollywood becoming an actor did you want to be a serious actor or did you now or did you want to pursue comedy or did you just kind of wind up there I like to do both you know I just did phone with lily Collins and Simon Pegg which is very dramatically I just did a service called the should events for Netflix which is Emmy nominated while great which is a departure what do you see yourself as a serious actor or yeah for you but I gravitate I've gravitated the pastors in sitcoms and be out there great the I. N. voice work because you're right there in LA right there in LA and also succumbs to you work three weeks on one week off there were four hours a day I go to work play some golf and be at home and have dinner with my family that's cool hell that's a rate in your voice is so recognizable you know even on the radio when people are listening they know exactly who were talking a little over played little are you a little over played I guess that's what we're here and now yeah but when you go home you're here I mean it's like dad you know if you try to do something dramatic or get get to your room I'm not buying that does okay our who's funnier Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld when I when I watch David created or helped create Seinfeld yeah but what also when I watch curb your enthusiasm on H. B. O. with Larry David it is one of the funniest things and they're very they're two very you know obviously similar because Larry David who's funnier you know you can't compare they're both very different styles it was a great marriage what you're for Seinfeld to bring those two minds together and Jerry stills you know kinder gentler you know and then Larry's literally just occurred crude curmudgeon I mean most of the stories came from Larry or did most of the stories come from Jerry stand all I don't know I mean you know Larry was there during the sixties and when I did two episodes but then he was gone so I did most of my episodes during the ninth and final season and Larry was not there okay you're my bonded my connection in our slickers really with with Jerry and Jerry's band so you know in this industry if you got somebody like Jerry Seinfeld in your corner it's pretty special thing and he invited me to come play when they did the B. movie that was a lot of fun actually got to know Jerry better working on the movie we haven't seen any of Jerry around he's you know he's a producer you don't need to that's what producers do a high the curtains exactly any always say I'm no actor I'm a comedian because he was surrounded by awesome actors in you can tell that Jerry Seinfeld as funny as he was on that show he will he wasn't a great actor and he said I'm no actor well every other line he was smiling like he's gonna laugh right anymore and I think that's what made it special I think that's part of what actually made him a much better actor than anybody gives him credit for because he's so real yeah listen it Michael Richards is bigger than a circus clown yeah he's genius if you believe that this character actually well how would a guy an active that's his neighbor I mean half the time maybe half cracking up what are you are you for real right you are absolutely and sat right next door to me so we you know the audience so sorry thing you know sort of vicariously through Jerry Jerry was is just so authentic and real and just himself not pretending to be anybody else and that worked you know and that was part of the genius it's part of Janice Patrick Warburton tonight and tomorrow night at the Tempe improv make sure you come tonight that's right I will be there don't even bother with tomorrow night not getting if you can't go tonight go tomorrow night two shows Frank Caliendo will be forming as well tomorrow night yes our good friend Frank Caliendo Patrick again thank you so much for stopping in we really appreciate it and much success to you thank you gentlemen thank you very much how do we use all your weigh in on this actually I'm in all here pretty good deal the word is not weasel I was S. because they couldn't it's not the case it is the K. lawn right I did I I did say no I know one nineties I knew you at softball so hi they said Hey do you know anybody and I said not really I asked you yeah and you said maybe I know me well I said I don't really know anybody they said we have this person I said she's really good and they just said well could you do it I was like yeah I can read I mean that's what it is I'm just gonna sit up there and read don't sock get out thank you add certainly get up there be funny I want to see you isn't tonight tonight at seven thirty tonight now I'm I'm a funny guy because the funny guys the guy who's writing the letters the other sponsors are kind of funny but the letters are so brilliantly done I remember and he would he would get be taken seriously remain get reaction I love the fact that you weasel your way in here I think it's brilliant I was not the word is not we sold yesterday I was asked you I was there last shot to know their land you know anybody and you said not only me I know I said I'm I don't know what I'm trying to give you some credit for being a weasel this is great for you because it's a good result it's a good good we've got a very good we is another my high school nickname that's for sure who's your high school nickname it was bad rat rods were all rights I know where you can get acid I all right coming up next never did but I San Francisco is adopting a new language for criminals yeah do they even have criminals there and talk about the new language inside Becky Lynn is on Arizona's new station right now G. A. R. news flash three eighteen I'm Jacki limit three things you need to know right now even of American businesses he'd president trump's orders to stop having products made in China valley economist Eliot Pollock says they won't make them in the U. S. like president trump once Alex's they'll turn to other countries because it's cheaper if you graduated from an Arizona high school even if you're not from Arizona or you don't live in Arizona now there's a new tuition level for state universities for you.

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