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The same amount of energy the same amount of water in it that that cat. Cake longer to deliberate. And while the pictures are great of idiots like gay and on the beach. You know, getting blown over with the wind. That's one thing. What really causes all the destruction is the water, and because of the way the barrier islands of North Carolina form rather than being a barrier ceremony. Jackie like funnel now for all. The storm surge. So there's gonna be a lot of people who are going to be in a world of hurt for a very long time after this storm, but you mentioned people leeland where have how many people have you seen around Atlantic beach, North Carolina, so far is there anybody else on the beach with you, or is it just you and other news correspondents? Right now, just talking to other news, correspondent police swept everybody out that we told you to evacuate. We can't make you a vacuum. But if you're not gonna evacuate, then you gotta go to your house, and some people listening some people didn't we were just with the police chief who had to run because there are a couple of people who decided to ride this storm out in a sailboat of all things. Twentieth. Atlantic speech finest then have to go put on narrow dry, suits and life jackets and try to go save this be chatting with Wayland veteran. A Fox News. Joining us here on the hammer and Nigel show, he has Atlantic beach North Carolina covering hurricane Florence and Leland from what I understand here. The flooding is going to be the major concern. Because once the storm makes landfall that's not the end of it. It's an -ticipant to stick around for the entire weekends. Correct. Right. Exactly. And and the hours there's already flooding already roads passable, I it it's not going to be long before those roads, go from impassable deadly two houses inundated. And they're talking about forty inches of rain. We all remember the pictures from hurricane Harvey of all those water rescues in really got what everybody's getting ready for now. The fire departments now ball staged all their water rescue teams to go in. Once once the storm subsides in those these water levels, not just going to be on the coast, either going to be thirty forty fifty sixty miles inland where you're gonna get these massive floods Leland, tell me something. Then how how did you get there? How long did it take for you to get there to Atlantic beach, North Carolina? And then what are you gonna do when things start to really get nasty? Well, it's it's a great question. And we've got great teams who just down here we moved down on Monday. I'd put teams all along the beaches. We've got you evacuation points that we know we can get to supply staged whether it be you or FU in other asset stage that not only can we keep reporting. But we can also stay on the air and be able to have communications and then stay safe as well. And then we we tried to move out to wherever the story. I is there found a couple of condos that we were able to rent and in stage in there and wait in able to wait the storm out inland tomorrow. You'll be calling into Tony cats program with more updates, correct? We'll do.

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