Perjury, Congressman, Florida discussed on Glenn Beck


Well we we done sabam then i was able to break this last night on hannity that in fact that the department of justice government officials now have confirmed that they are recovering the five missing months of text messages and so i gotta believe this probably going to be more smoking gun says they continue that process of of being able to get that information um but the fact is we have that then now that brings us to robert muller robert muller was appointed we've now had a year investigation and he was appointed because james call me wanted it because he leaked information that may be illegal to his columbia professor now attorney how convenient i guess they have attorneyclient privilege and then robert muller is bff has appointed we have no evidence of trump russia collusion and then you set poor general flynn up in a perjury trap because they surveilled didn't minimize unmasks and released ron deligence and set him up for perjury trap even if he missed remembered and and now we find ourselves where we are today and i just want to know what are we going to get the memo released on how bad was it when you went over to see it well i want relief and finish off the ball i those guys are working on it i i i trust that they want to do it and get it out there but we need to get it out there soon as possible and luck a lot of us have had questions about how all this stuff happen we had our views about you know especially when we saw peter struck and all that thing but you read it and you know it confirms some of my suspicions that had really there are some things and they're they're really surprised me that i that i would not have expected um and it's not not in a good way so we need to get it out it'll be important the public alive intense interest in it and i think it will cause uh there to be some further reshuffling in the doj an fbi all right we'll take a break we'll come back uh florida congressman freedom caucus member run the census.

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