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The cost of health care and benefit the consumer's that they serve and their shareholders the indianapolis colts are remembering edwin jackson who was killed tragically in a car accident on sunday milan baccari hours tarnoff together and then when you make a big play every by turning on everybody in half jumping up and down and make it the noise jackson speaking there in a tribute video the colts tweeted out after jackson and his uber driver were killed by what police suspect was a drunk driver both men were outside the vehicle when a pickup truck swerved into the emergency lane and struck them both the suspected drunk driver is alex cabrera gonzalez whose thirty seven years old police say he ran from the scene but was arrested when he tried to escape up an exit ramp the man considered to be a person of interest of the delphi murders of abby williams and living german is officially back in indiana to answer to aidid felony charges daniel nation bagged his extradition rights in colorado in january after a felony warrant for failing to register as a violent sexual offender was issued from johnson county indiana those charges are not related to the delphi investigation nations made it back to the johnson county jail yesterday morning police have neither included nor excluded nations as a suspect in the delphi murders now the green he fires lit up there a couple of back or they are ram and did not go the anna falls because you could state sixty three the switch this john fisher with a call right there on.

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