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Slow down robbie used to work in italy like he was out there like every other month or every three months or whatever talion years he doesn't but he just he knows italy really well so i'm like well you'll birds come with so we're all just going to do a fun group trip she nine it's going to be amazing it's awesome it is i cannot wait and spend more time with your talion manfred robbie i'm excited you'll met him yet no he'll love him he's he's like my him in autumn right to like guy like best friends who i'm close with like santa all and like so many other people but like ataman ravi or just like there to new people in my life so they're getting to know me on who i am in the past year not all of this shit in the past like which is kinda nice he doesn't watch the show so it's like there's no preconceived notions about i mean i had them about him because i watched his show so did i make fun of him and i've also battled like oh my god i talked so much shit about your hair and i'm like look at his guy perfect avs and this and we're in hawaii together he went to hawaii with him i just got back with that girl with my friend janet yeah and then boyfriend and robbie meta south there the next day she not yeah even secrets from you i don't like it like it at all it was like everywhere literally i like woke up and it was like daily mail tmz peretz hilton president was like who are you fooling at sheena and i was like i just love the press hilton knows who i am that's amazing fantasy long i don't know if he falls me trisomy a lot but i just sent the emoji like the.

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