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Years ago. When we started dating while I was in college. Once I graduated from college, we alone two weeks after that he deployed. This's what I wanted to do. You know you love this country. Are you willing to do the hard work? It takes to maintain what was supposed to be a six month deployment actually turned into 11 months. There was nothing really to prepare me as a new military spouse on how to deal with stress. When people get married expert the growed with each other with multiple combat tours. There's no guarantee of any of those things. They're just a long laundry lists of uncertainties that we have to juggle. You know, Joe has always cared about military families. They've been through so much when I went to Iraq ones, General said. You know, I want to share the story with you in his daughter's class. It was a Christmas program and they were playing the Ave Maria and one of the little girls burst into tears. And the teacher ran over and said, What's the matter? What's the matter? And he said, That's the song they played at my daddy's funeral. He died in the war teacher had no idea that that little girl's father had fought in the war in had died, and that night I said to my step I'm a teacher. We can do better. We've got to do better to help our military kids. Biden's have a track record of healthy military families, and we've seen it with their work that they've done with joining forces and how they were able Tio rally a country behind US war to defend our nation's care for families rather gone to care for them and their families When they come home. It was the very first Find that I's a military spouse felt like someone was listening to us and someone cared. It's not just the service member who serves the entire family serves as well, Joe said. We have one sacred obligation to take care of our military members. During this pandemic for sure, so many veterans have lost their jobs. So many military spouses have lost their jobs. That's one of the things that will be a priority. In a Biden administration way will make sure that all Americans have healthcare employment things that families need to thrive when people show you who they are. Believe them the first time and we know exactly who Joe is. He is the best candidate for America, not just for our family, but for all families. Good evening. I'm Tammy Duckworth's. When I first enlisted in the Army, I was eager to serve my country. Get anxious, whether I'd be able to earn my way into the ranks, But I earned my wings and later commanded my own air assault unit, Learning that serving and leading in the military is both a privilege and a sacrifice. To be a commander. You must always put your troops first. Because one day you may order them to sacrifice everything for our great nation. To do that leaders.

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