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Art Acevedo saying anyone not attending the event should stay clear the area we are going to have uniformed police officers plainclothes assets in and around the arena and we will be working closely with our local county and state partners to ensure the safety of everyone attending the event everyone coming to exercise our first not writes in support of opposition of the event we will have eyes and ears in the air on the ground in the crowd in the arena in the parking lot and we'll have our eyes on high points throughout the region after president trump and prime minister mody meet our and see deputy press secretary Michael choices there could be a big announcement made concerning other trade agreement deal gets done there's gonna be a couple more times the president. get together with the prime minister from India you're at the G. twenty and it falls in Ohio so should be pretty interesting to watch after this is when the president goes to Ohio to recovery centers east of Houston open tomorrow to help victims of tropical storm Imelda at Kingswood United Methodist Church and Grayson community center that's on Corpus Christi street in Houston they're both going to be open nine AM to six PM Monday through Friday portions of I. ten in chambers county could be re opened today it's not yet but they are hoping they'll be able get sections back open today in chambers county there's a need for debris removal officials are asking residents to take to breed a county box sites and if you're not able to do that you're asked a place to Burry from homes beside the roadway there are plans to remove the debris from county right away to the county is not allowed to go on to private property to remove debris nor can they remove any commercial debris all the box sites are open extended hours eight AM to seven PM until further notice and they have added another temporary site at when he stole park Katie our age news time it's eleven OO three in northeast Houston fire station twenty nine is mourning the loss of one of their own thirty six year old Kenneth Stephano ha suffered an unidentified medical emergency and died of natural causes yesterday he'd been on the force for less than two years in the tropics formation of tropical storm care and no overnight probably won't threaten landfall but we've heard that before T. as Karen is following the same path as tropical storm Jerry we're also still closely following a system just departing the African continent this morning with a ninety percent chance of formation in the next forty eight hours that will be called tropical storm Lorenzo if we get there and that could happen before sunset today. Antonio brown tweeting this morning he is done with the NFL after being released from the patriots it's going to be a family reunion when the Texas play the Chargers this afternoon in Los Angeles Texan super star J. J. watt lining up against his brother full Brak pull back Derek watched just like any other week you watch.

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