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But it's a slow and steady takes a does take a while Official luckily the ubiquity of some of these platforms some clydes platforms to us and that's a real benefits. We use some. We use the atlassian conflict. The conflicts platform sharing data running wicky. They're awesome you know that we do have some good uses of technology but every time we say kneeling because that you shiny object. Yeah not you know. Sometimes it's good to be an early adopter of some. Sometimes it's good to hold off and wait to see how things pan out as funny. I was a very new firm earlier today. And i think she started from about the end of two thousand nineteen so almost started a pandemic but they were they were business law and they also did some more like family estate planning law but they're really small but they were doing things other firms won't do like they set up your phones in the evenings and they're getting a lot of calls it in the evenings rather firms are shut down there done for the day they're doing like flat rate instead of so they're they're just doing things different they're small and they can kind of do whatever they want but they're find a lot of success being a disrupter more or less. They're doing something that the other ones won't and other that was really cool. And there are virtual because their companies started in the midst of the pandemic so they really are built for that and it was kind of cool to any time. It comes down to the person right. Kevin use a ten Could use his intention bad and we had a Management system rolled out. It wasn't the they it definitely had some glitches and we were under earlier. Dr evatt bet gem off to six months it was working but it wasn't working for our business because uses had led. They didn't take time out of that day. They didn't adapt it went back today. What Different pockets of population. You've got to attack and work with and be very excited to have mobile time. Recording others struggled.

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