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Show some support for the community something that we have always been extremely passionate about as a company. We know that the people that go into the fans right now Sebastian era general manager of Helio owned by Trump Nancy's, chef Jose Andrews thing for them to be able to come in undoing us, you know, a restaurant eating sandwiches. That would definitely help out. The free lunch will last at the sixth restaurants owned by Andrews until the shutdown is over now in its thirteenth day. No fancy ride for Montgomery County, executive Mark L ridge. He'll be driving around in a lecture in an electric car. When he doesn't need his security SUV certain times when the executive does not need a security detail assigned to when Mark L rich will drive a Chevy, volt electric cars not up to the task of any high speed chase known as pursuit requirement says, oh, Honey Japan, the county director of public information at least not yet. Pursuit. Rated electric SUV is in product here. Awesome. Looks for the volt costs about thirty four thousand dollars in came from a general fund, Maryland governor Larry HOGAN, part of a unanimous vote by the board of public works in Maryland to deny a request for the proposed natural gas pipeline in western Maryland that would run run under the Potomac river Columbia gas owned by TransCanada could challenge the decision to prevent the company from using state land to build the gas pipeline net flicks thrilled with these success of Sandra Bullock movie bird box. But now Netflix is asking users not to take part in the bird box challenge after several people on social media were blindfolding themselves and sometimes getting hurt checking your money. The Dow is down third.

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