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Enforce a ban transgender in the military. Here's ABC's Aaron Katersky. There are still lawsuits challenging the Trump administration's ban on transgender Americans serving in the US military, but in a five four ruling the supreme court said the Pentagon can move forward with the ban a lower court had stopped the Pentagon from implementing the restrictions while appeals were pending. The Obama administration allowed transgender people to serve openly. President Trump said he wanted to ban all transgender servicemembers because he said our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory. WSB Jamie Dupree reporting that the high court has also voted to allow a foreign company to submit an appeal in a mystery grand jury case he says this could be related to the special counsel probe into Russia's interference into the two thousand sixteen election, the super bowl's just twelve days away and Martinez. Having to shell out a lotta money to change some signs apparently changing the name of a Marta station is harder than you might. Think it's costing the agency over one hundred thousand dollars to help out of town fans get to the right place the Mercedes Benz stadium. Stop is still named for the dome Philips arena, which are long gone Martha's. David Springstead tells the Atlanta Journal constitution some of the updated Sandra temporary, but most will be used after the Super Bowl. It could be months before Marta approves new policy for renaming a station Bill Caiaccio WSB all those recalling two hundred thousand diesel vehicles worldwide because a fuel line may crack and leak. The automaker will replace the fuel line in the two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen model year vehicles at no cost to the owner. And finally representatives of the Atlanta Super Bowl fifty three host committee ringing, the opening bell this morning on the new York Stock Exchange some of those on hand included Arthur blank. Georgia's new governor, Brian Kemp, Atlanta, MIR kisha Lance bottoms, as we take a look at the WSB marketwatch the Dell right now is down one hundred ninety four points at twenty four thousand five hundred eleven NASDAQ's down Eighty-three, the p's off twenty-six WSB news time eleven.

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