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Of smaller pieces you can order a pasta tray or bowl board of individual dinners large sub tracer a whole bunch of boxed meals with assault ships in a cookie for each person forty's pizza catering specialists sensitive to keeping you safe Delafield or Marty's pizza dot when the going gets tough the tough get going to Marty's pizza Hey you want to stretch your familys meal dollars come to markets four square pieces are twenty seven percent larger than the other guys wrong pizza and also your one twenty seven percent larger twenty seven percent more value and we'd love the toppings just the way you love it modesty if you want to cook tonight you have heard me liking your AC to a mouse motel in the past you may even think I'm embellishing a bet Hey there this is Eric Smith of polar express heating and air I don't get it either but finding a mouse nest in AC it's a daily occurrence for an AC guru I don't know if they get bored hungry earth wire insulation just taste good but over the winter these critters go to work scanning the insulation off of the wires inside your air conditioner wires are insulated to keep them from touching one another because when wires touch wires they're not supposed to park why and things prior with the dry fluffy Tenterfield mousepad nestled around all the wires in your AC we want to avoid sparks at all costs and that's really why you should have your AC tune up every year regardless of its age or how much you use it and that tune up should be performed by a polar express AC guru call two six two three six seven thirty two sixty six or go to polar express heating and air dot com it's time to take charge of your wallets and your future missing a minute can cost you big time prepare to save more spend less and avoid getting ripped off with Clark Howard great to have you here on the Clark Howard show where it's all about you and that while it is yours I want you to learn ideas me so you can keep more of.

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