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And, you know, the Las Vegas aces of the WNBA are out here. Just utterly dominating so nNcholas cage is not need to be tied down to any woman, especially one who I married for only four days. So, you know, I may have called her to try to get back with her, but. I think we all do some things when we're drunk. Okay. Nicholas cage. It's money now. Okay. Guys and you guys just have great time. Let me know if you wanna come out biggest one ever to go. See the summer pro league. If you wanna see on Williams center Kerry, I'm sure there's a Gary playing the VA somber probably kit me up. Nncholas cage will get you tickets to hopefully it'd be a game, but definitely one of the search shows. Yeah. I did did you see the video of him? Did see the video him after he got the marriage annulled the video of him singing, aggressive Kariuki. It was. It's pretty unbelievable. It's amazing. All right. There you go. That's a show. Everybody you go. That's how we do up here in in view from the chiefs. He's we give you the most current people for the events that are happening this week. Stanley Cup finals were knee-deep in at someone's going to be down three two or up three to when this thing drops and think we appear McGuire sort, everything out for us. Thank you. Daniel van Kirk for doing quick. It's always fun to hang with you. Follow at Kenny Stevenson on Twitter at Kenny G, steam, Kenny, G, Stevenson believe, and, and that's it, man. We'll we're going to be in San Francisco at the end of this month. Get your tickets now cobb's comedy club. And if you're in Huntington beach, we did a great show at the rec room a few months back, we're coming back to show their this Saturday, the fifteenth. And so enjoy that or next Saturday, the fifteenth. So check. That out next to the show, Jordan clever, the amazing, Jordan Clement daily from his own new program hoppers vision from clever, and then the week after that Cali wolf anchors Thursday night coverage of the NFL networks game of the week on Thursday night. So enjoy that this is, of course, underdog young gun at silver FOX, and we are out of here. Go punch waterfalls. Stampings. A podcast network..

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