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The weather we all want to know what did skilling say watch for updated forecast in Chicago's most trusted meteorologist Tom skilling weeknights on WGN TV older so the and you see who owns the what's so Lee we along the that golden voice that you are hearing right now belongs to our next guest if you've ever been to a cubs game I'm sure you heard at his amazing rendition of the national anthem and no one will ever forget his rendition of the national anthem before game six of the NLCS in twenty sixteen when the cubs beat the Dodgers to advance to the World Series it's John Vincent welcome no seven twenty W. G. on my friend my brother out there every day everything's great how's your I was your new year's a great new year's I fell asleep before midnight for first time in forty five years what you didn't even make it to the ball drop I fell asleep probably around no joke around well sure about eleven rockets that maybe ten fifty that you're you're you're a singer you didn't have a you don't have a gig on new year's eve I would think that that would be your your your your sweet spot I did a couple but I I decided not to after making missile change that interpolation everything published a lot I'm sure could use the fall off this year and just because do some totally different that will just stay in the whole night there is a god Johnny Vincent is our gas then and if you have seen him in a voice sounds familiar yes you see the cubs games and you worked at did goes restaurant for how many years John eighteen years since two thousand and the one also almost nineteen years but was there for I left there I believe my last show I did was November of this past year of twenty nineteen and I have always said that the that John Vincent show it did cause was that was the greatest gig I always I always hated to tell people about it because I'm like oh that's my secret spot I was I would always say that if you wanna take the lady out on a date whatever taking the Dickens get yourself a seat upstairs on the weekends John Wenzel be singing and you know hopefully your your girlfriend or your wife won't their phone number two one at the end of the night so how did you how did you get the get the Dick is getting I was sitting here all the recruiter accounting finance that player I play the year pro ball in Germany back in the day at ninety five miles recruiter in accounting and finance the settlement from around doing financial songs that I started out at rose bar to the normal Pinos coach Dick mention of the word about me are you gave me an optician lock Apollo I did New York New York for mobile year to year and then they gave me pretty much of a lifetime contract for eighteen years I was there and decided to move our list that stuff here to start the new show that you saw it and came to couple weeks ago you you say that you used to play some pro ball from pro football and it did you have a if you ever formal seeking training no so how did you how did you happen into becoming a singer it all I went because she's a natural when I was in college one of my very close friends grandfather got a shade box at the United center and I never you know my parents were born in Italy so I never really listen to send out your grown up listening to tell your music and and things like that and what happened what the kind of stumbled into so naturally in college.

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