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And every Friday, we called the Friday ask we're asked anything it does not have to be sports related, which means that a lot of problems can develop as we try to be honest with the questions the staff will do it amongst each other. You can try it as well. The triple eight say ESPN, eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six two Friday as you can ask us anything. I'll start off with Jonathan hood Jonathan the best game you ever played in was where and why. The best game ever played in was. It was doing arena league football. Nah. Four Steve Mago mcmichael's team. Really? Yes. I was I played special teams how suited up I was ready to go. I was there. And I was like oh my God. I'm actually gonna be on special teams on this turf. And I went I ran a special teams. And there was a guy coming after me. And I'd sidestepped I'm like, oh, I'm not going to get hit. I'm not going to get hit and plan for free as a celebrity football league team. Nice. And then Margo looked over at me. And I said, hey, you need me for the fourth quarter to games to close cared. Not not tonight. So screaming Michael did that put in that? Same Mago impressive. So that is absolutely perfect. All right. The names deal part of the Friday ask what you got. Oh, I know. I love I love a good. Steve mongo McMichael. The US champion whenever he wrestling. Yeah. Casey was time at the time. The coach of the Chicago arena league team. Freddie, who's your all time favorite professional wrestler? Ooh. Bruno San Martino in the W W W F days way, back when because I could not believe guy that looked like him that was that was the world champion beating beating the the superstar Billy Graham of the world and Ivan coal loss of the world and people like that he was part of the first wrestling match. My dad took me to at the coal Macarena and strong Island New York where it was him part of a tag team match Larisa Bisco, I came up and on the other side was Lou Alabama wanted a valium brothers. So that the first match she's still my favorite wrestler to this day. Freddie, who's the second best character on good times. While the best guy this Bellman about it. Sir for obvious reasons. Thelma Thelma still looking good second-best. Character was James Evans. I mean, they killed them off before he really got a chance to get his shine on. But anytime anytime James Evans was a part of the scene, and he's yelling at people look into off and threatening people. That was the second best carry. It wasn't. Jay wasn't Florida was Michael the best guy. That was dumb five. Is reasons the second best character was daddy, James Evans. There you go Chris Mitchell. All right. I'm gonna give it to Freddie, and Jonathan guys were if you guys were WWE wrestlers, what would your names be? Freddie die with the soul patrol. Going separate. But that's pretty good. A lyric and note the soul patrol. Won't be that would be our names for individual. If I had a wrestling name. It'd be the butterscotch brother. Scotts B R O T H A. It wouldn't be like, it'd be like, Freddie. The butterscotch brother Coleman. That'd be by wrestling day. If I had a chance to do that. Mask on lyric note, the soul the soul patrol. Well, Damian Lewis part of the Friday, ask your Johnson in for infant Simmons with Freddie Coleman and ESPN radio and the ESPN app brought a Freddie and Fitz Simons, Damian Lewis asked this question Martin Lawrence or Eddie Murphy Jonathan Eddie Murphy because that's the original. There's no question and again generation that people will look at Martin Lawrence understand. But for me, Eddie Murphy. I don't think I don't even blink with that one. Okay. Martin Lawrence to me does not get enough credit terrific as stand up, and I still watch episodes of Martin all the time even they had the episode the other night where is about to get married. The gina. Yeah. And he said the final chance to get his boogie on as a as a single, man. He does the boogie dance and the audience is just flat out dying laughing when he does that. And by the way, he wrote the episode where he and Thomas Hearns gotten a boxing match where he was raw dark has smoking. You know, underrated writer underrated performance. I'm with you by Eddie Murphy, but Martin Lawrence. He he got it in got him. Pretty well, no doubt about that. Farkas? If you were going to the local food joint, right? You're going to order the, Freddie, what is the, Freddie and also Jonathan what is the hoodie? That's what is the Fred. It could be a deli or anything. Absolutely anything you want. What is the, Freddie? The Freddie is going to be a six foot six inch sub cut in half. Of course. And you're going to have Turkey. Cheese. American cheese. Of course lettuce tomato. Just alluded. A bit of poli mayo Dr Pepper inside credit. The hoodie is chicken. Of course. Why of course? Well, of course, I mean part of this. So definitely chicken with mild sauce. If people wonder what's in the mild sauce. Would be critical cut fries because my favorite type of fries and definitely wash it down with something carbonated like like grape fruit punch, just to make sure that keep the keep it going here. All right. All right. The hood is better than the, Freddie. I want your sandwich your Bill instead of mine, James steel, part of the Friday ask on Freddie and Fitz on ESPN radio. What's up? For both the who is your favorite to win the Stanley Cup this year job you can start. I I got my favorite Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Yep. Really why I want to hear this wanna here? This is the first step the first city that came. Okay. Like, wait a minute. I'm not saying you're not a hockey fan. I just wanted to know why? Have been working with Matt like a lot. I thought maybe some of the hockey stuff. By the way, Winnipeg's the top team in the central my for my it's Tampa Bay Lightning. I think they're a top to bottom the best team in the NHL. They can do it with the goaltending. They can do the scoring that can play a filthy style that could play an uptempo style. That would be the one for me. It'd be lightning. What is the worst concert? You've attended, Freddie who the worst the worst concert Everton. I know I'm going get into over this one new kids on the block nineteen ninety and I had to be there because the radio station gave away free tickets, and I had to take people behind the scenes to meet them. Nice guys awful show. Here's why I didn't hear anything. There was so much screaming. I didn't hear one word of it. They could have sounded great. They could the terrible. But at the same time worse concert. I still lost my ears way back then with that concert, a friend talks about being a new job and having any new league that's next on ESPN radio. Hey, y'all we're taking them. Mark party to a whole new level with Marty Smith's America podcast with Milton Annapolis coast. In the national football Smith's America podcast on the ESPN app and apple podcast. Hi, I'm Randy. And this is Dave were the.

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