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Very competitive combative tone and I don't remember anything when Obama was president that was really like that Dr Paul and we watched most of it, but it was interesting how Fox produced that segment. They would give you a section where Chris Wallace would interview president trump, and then they would cut from the interview and show some things on their own screen fact, checking the president as As they went. That seems unprecedented to me. Unusual I do WanNa mention, though before we go further that being a Monday we will be thinking are super chat participants at the end of today's show. These are people that kick in a few dollars during the week as part of the super chat to help us keep the show going. We're deeply grateful for those people, but it was. Was An interesting interview, and as you point out trump. Maybe he's watching the show. You never know, but he's said what. We've been pounding the table saying for weeks now all of a sudden it's it's hase's instead of death that they're counting. Because deaths went like this which they continue to do with very very minor fluctuations but cases now because they are ramping up the testing. Have increased quite a bit, but what they call cases are not traditionally. Call cases. You feeling sick, you go to the doctor. The doctor tests you. You got a case of the flu. You got a case of the mumps. You've got a case of this. Trump pointed out in the interview when when when walls was being so combative, he said. Most people are getting better in a day. They're young people these cases. We're not seeing what we saw. and. It was his attempt to blame the whole thing on the president. There's trust me. There's plenty that we blame on the president, but it was an interesting exchange. Absolutely, it wasn't. It caused a lot of people. Have a headline here. I want to read and get a comment from you. is not urges governments to be as forceful as possible on mask rules well, it's been a lot of force being used sometimes you don't know who the most forceful. Sometimes people can't figure it out. Because sometime a suggestion becomes the law of the land, and you can have all kinds of things happen to you. There is the social pressure to put on. That's might be the strongest thing. Your neighbors and your friends are saying. What are you doing? Yeah, but. She's been on both sides of this issue. He said it was you know doesn't do anything, but now be as forceful as possible forces for as forceful as possible by government guests my. Dander up. That's exactly the opposite of protect people's Liberty. Let them figure things out. That's what we need now. When someone in his position, unfortunately it's. It's undeserved that he's so respected. Because we know a little bit about his history, we've talked about it on the program is history with HIV and other things, but when he says that officials should be as forceful as possible. He may not mean this way, but to me. It sounds like. The police are out there. The roughing you up. You've got people yelling at you. I saw an article on Yahoo yesterday. It's okay to yellow. People who don't have a mask on. It's okay to harass them, but this is the funny thing..

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