Patriots, Falcons, Super Bowl discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


The biggest sports story 2000 um that's interesting question if you're doing calendar year i think uh certainly the patriots beating the falcons in that insane super bowl in football but you know what i would say that i i would in ours group i think one of the things that remains an ongoing event was the issue of concussions in the national anthem and what happened in i would say hans down was an illegal protests young europeans talked about that all year i mean yeah the super bowl is a fantastic game and the the the williams sisters and their deputies were sports moments the games were played theatrical highlights to die later calling state worries right you're still talking about the anthem protests eight it has derailed nfl ratings to some degree it's pit owner against owner it's gotten people fired it's it's it's gotten people off it's a split teams in its is no resolution to it now the ribbon and not only that but the players will tell you can name four or five or ten of them broken out you can't name warmer leader in the ownership group that has any contribution to what to do about it it's amazing to me that someone has been some kind of understanding two connected because people want to embrace it owners want to knock us it's like trying to tie six different shoelaces two guys rightwing patriotism or money race and everything and no one was settling in both of you hold on before you should one let me get traffic in and then you'll tell.

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