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Irv Donald Trump, featuring the greatest lawyer for generation Kate Shaw along with having worked at the White House under President Obama clerked on the supreme court for Justice seasons seat. Stevens also happens to be my wife. You can listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. It's been a week. And it's only Wednesday here to talk through it all with me Betsy Woodruff politics Daily Beast watch hot elite contributing op Ed writer for the New York Times and curb della former spokesperson and senior adviser for the Republicans in the house oversight committee, Kurt let me start with you, you you used to work at Breitbart before you left, and I've been thinking about the ways in which is like Breitbart, FOX. News and others are really pulling calling the shots. Like, we if not an overstatement to say that we are in a government shutdown now because Rush Limbaugh and Coulter Breitbart and Fox News were upset that the president didn't get his wall. We had a deal the Senate passed unanimously a deal to avert a government shutdown and as soon as the bright parts and the and cultures and the rush Limbaugh's went EPA plastic over it Donald Trump blinked he backed down from that deal. And then he precipitated the shutdown because he has such a narrow group of support right now, Chris he can't afford to lose any of those people because feels any part of that coalition that he has left. It's over from. There's nothing that would stand in the way between him and impeachment, and Betsy that's clear that what he's I think he's thinking about I think exactly right. But I also think it's part of a broader phenomenon which is that Republicans are just much more scared of their base than Democrats are and I think partly that's the immediate environment. There's interesting reporting about the last shutdown were Democrats were worried about how the mainstream media would cover it and Republicans weren't because it's like, they're based doesn't. Watch that doesn't believe even anyway. And so what they are scared of is they're scared of their base and the media environment that their base listens to I think that's accurate. Another piece of this. That's important and interesting as context here is that the way that the shutdown played out also points to the ascent of very conservative House Republicans having the president's ear, remember senators, Mark meadows, and Jim Jordan were out front loud and clear saying that the president would essentially be be failing were he to backtrack on demanding money for the wall from congress. And what we're seeing is a shift in terms of who the president is listening to rather than listening to sort of more traditional Republican voices who almost got him across the finish line of keeping the government open at the last moment, Trump change and instead to for to the Mark meadows of the world..

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