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What came to mind was I think sometimes when we're conditioned as children to put heroes on pedestals it from a very young age programs are mind to believe that heroes are somehow better than us or that were in equal to Heroes House and it and it may instigate that complacency like you were saying Where people think? Oh I can't measure up to that there's no point in even trying I really love of how you are thinking that redefining of the word Hero. Because I think that would eliminate that conditioning if we approach it from that angle look I completely agree with you. And another way to look at the if people have focused on success for instance and the usual way to define success is through financial management in the world and looked an art on. I don't have an issue with how Donald Tomase success means different things to different people and rarely actually true success even suggest or measured through financial bets use but for instance. We look for someone who's chasing success. They hear Roy might be Richard Branson created extraordinary success through through the Virgin Empire. Another person's success. A lot of people look up to tiny Romans as being the epitome of success but the problem is the approach. That's created from that and I think it's a really big problem. Is that Wade. Look at those people who were five billion dollars and we go. That's the definition of successes whereas to me to me as a father. My definition of success getting three teenage boys through high school drug and alcohol. The whole free confident and capable to take on the world to me that is the ultimate of success as a follow. Yes to me as a business person. Success is actually helping millions of people. It's not measured by money at all to May as an individual person carrying for another person. Success is getting person to say that they insect to have the power to achieve to to change to be there on here so I agree with you. We have these definition of of the hero. And I think what it's doing this separating us from the ability to be here at that's right and through the redefinition. I think we can definitely sadly help. Bring is the reason why you know before in my my fiance's sole purpose of before in my field series Easter redefined success for exactly the same reason that then brings it actually within reach we can suddenly got a well. That's what success. Actually that's fine. That's cool that works for me. I can achieve league that and then once you achieve that you think are right. What's my next level of success? That's what it is quite. I can achieve that sooner and you slowly walk up the staircase Of success the same goes with being a hero at the same goes with trying to implement change in the world the same guys. We're trying to be a you know a good genuine loving being pushed into some guys with helping the people you know we we joined the. The benchmark is not in in fact the ultimate the ultimate ultimate the benchmark using fact whatever we set the benchmark to be. Yes yes amen to that that resonate highly. Yeah and and that's that's why I was talking to you about it. It's been sitting in my mind for couple of days and I love the way you read my mind. Patricia has a remarkable just beautiful. The way your intuition works. You know I've been thinking about these. Had IT in my mind. Quarter quarter lot and particularly since that Sydney event really occurred to me that I think this is a discussion that I think the world needs to to have and you know I'd love to send me an email telling me that you will stories. I'll just everyday heroes that really helping people. Because I believe the stories also need to be told and I'd love to be paddled. Somehow helping nice people tell their stories with. That's working with them to help them. Write a book whether it's bringing them together and all of them contributing to a collective took a book about the stories of here is of everyday real heroes. I think Tom Stuffy nose to me in my grandmother was here are In some aspects my brothers here is when I grew up We all have different. Heroes in. Different Lights You know a child can be a hero when I come. Bullying another child can be here. I'll hit it once. Had A friend very good friend of mine called Sam who I've known since I was ten. And you know He. He's the hero I till like us about because Sam was such remarkable saul. He grew up in a household. Louis Kids I think he had three or four older brothers so he wasn't afraid of a bit of rough and tumble and he was whereas according confident Fella but the reason what made him heroic is hey stand between the bullies and the beliefs victims in quite deliberately physically put himself in the way they used to look the believes in the eyes. And you're looking for someone to pick on. Let's go come on. Show me what you might of you want. You want to be a bully. Come pick on someone your own size and such a beautiful respect tame but you know all of those kids that he stood up for what will become his friends so the result and what did it slowly disarm the police around the school on by one. It was such a remarkable thing. I say to my kids donate obey the done a bully be the person that standing up between the bully end the person picked up there was no there was no heroism. The day was fanfare. There was no not in China on Mytalk approachable Fabulous Superhero outfit. He just he would say something going on every single time without files so we can do it dozens dozens of times which empowered me to do it then when when impound others to do it and then the kids who were the victims then suddenly started to realize allies. Hold on a second I can do it too and they did it for each other like it was just. It was so beautiful to say the top stories. They little stories but they're beautiful stories of. I think they'd be tall and I'd love to hear everybody's story. Yes because the little stories are often big stories in my opinion because it change change happens little by little yes. Change can happen in big numbers but I think it it just starts with people like you and I or your next door neighbor or anybody really. It doesn't matter who you are. Change starts from you you as a person and in the same way I say to anybody who went on extreme my my success workshop for instance and I tried to explain to people. You know Tony Robbins Richard Branson all of those guys in musk. Every single one one of them was precisely with now. The individual is now at one point. So Tony Robbins kicked out of the House. When he was seventeen and had to fend for himself? Didn't come from money and wealth. Or anything like that. Richard Branson is picked himself up dusted himself off of more times than anybody can remember. He's one of the most successful man in the world. You know the whole aspect of being a hero is so important every single hero that has ever become a hero is exactly where you are now at one point Noah and all was is just when the moment came they. They taught him to be great moment. I stepped up now. There are heroes everywhere. Mother Theresa she was. She got her fish hero criticism because of approach. But you know she fundamentally changed the poverty cycle for millions of people throughout the world through all of the work that she did through her charity. people all the time volunteering for charities and helping papal delivering blanket blankets to the homeless. It doesn't have to evolve. Money just has to evolve time and commitment dedication and uh a real presence and service. That's right it's absolutely anybody can do it. Anybody can be the hero. It doesn't have to be the ultimate definition diff- nation of what that word means right being. It can be any version any version of that word from you know apart from perhaps doing we nothing but to the point which you get to that ultimate you know how many times did nurses and Doctors Saif people every single day and if that's not the the definition of a hero I don't know what it is but we cannot save people in our own ways you know may not be have to be like you're saying as something as large scale of saving someone's life like that although that is granted and wonderful is just the little things that add up to because direct it it really does create a ripple effect it does. It doesn't even just little things you say someone broken down and the traffic and you stop and you can't help them out isn't isn't that the definition of a hero. Someone has a car accident. How many people drive past an accident wherein all it takes one person to get out of the car and although that maybe fond I just might need a calm into warm voice just to settle the nerves to help them deal with the shock of what has happened? Yeah we we've Hussein in his rising force happening all across youtube and facebook and all this stuff with people Although I don't necessarily agree with being video types to prove your point but I understand. They're doing it to get the message across right hopefully correct that's spot on. They just doing it in their own. So I know I can fully respect that but just you know it's just very very simple things and doesn't have to cost money it you know if it was all. I don't have the money to do that or look Batman and linemen I talk about that men in an ironman quite a lot because they are superheroes that they don't have Superhero Palace and people will die had money in the head intelligence well little little jurisprudence. We all have different varying levels of that. Nobody says we have to pay the Cape Crusader but we can still offer our pot in service to humanity surface to while those and stuff like that to me. A true hero by definition is someone who helps others and expects nothing. I love it because back to I said In the beginning of the PODCAST. I said you know that word is tossed around a lot today especially by the media just seems like they they call everybody a hero but really the media is is mostly correct about that if you think about it. And even they're not correct about auto things in my opinion but at least in that aspect I think they might be onto something and to helping redefine. What hero actually is? I agree and look I would love the the the media. The mainstream media tycoon board. These thought aww redefining what a hero actually is a hand working towards celebrating. You know the gentle here. Are you know the quiet here. Introverted here are the hero who works tirelessly in the shadows just to try to help others doesn't want anything in retirement..

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