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I just didn't want to get it wrong but yeah I mean I look forward to Obviously you know the most important porn thing is the the next game or ballgame and then you know after that I'll start thinking about everything that comes after it but I mean I look forward to the journey. That's a hub. I know I'm talking here way too much but this one other question you talk about your dad and mom especially father being a father. You're you're making this journey. Is there a time and a place where he gave you some piece of advice or something that carried with you and and it's kind of shaped you as the young man you are. Yeah I mean my dad is he. I go to him for advice. uh-huh by far the most out of anyone even combined probably I go to him more than anyone else in my life for advice or for help You know he was a college. A two Sport College Athlete Fleet and he went to a very academically demanding school. You know he understands the struggle that you know. I would go through as a Academic as a student athlete. And you know something that he'll he told me a year or two years ago. was you know you're never going to be happy when you try. And achieve you've perfection because you're never going to achieve it and he said that that that's something that he feels that I'm body and that's something that you know. I was having having a difficult time. You know. I wasn't happy where I was In terms of athletics and said you know you're not gonna be happy as long because you're chasing perfection. That's that's very true. So you know I just gotTa you just gotTa Kinda buckle down and you gotta understand that you know if you demand perfection out Outta yourself. You're never really going to be satisfied kind of falls in line with one of the things that You know coach Harbaugh talks about and we talked about our family. It's it's really a journey one day at a time you know better today than yesterday better tomorrow today and you know perfection is is out there but just one percent better every day moving toward it. You'll as your dad's you'll never reach it which you can move toward it every every single day so a tremendous career. That of course is not quite done yet but a tremendous career Jordan Glasgow and the maize and blue and kind of want to cycle back to circle back to where we started. And we mentioned that you were the Rogers Act Cuff Award winner as the program's uh-huh top linebacker also voted by your teammates as the blue collar. Award winner so at the award ceremony when your name gets called I for the Rogers that cough. You're on a team. I remember taking a note during this going some years. You just know who's GonNa who's going to win the best lineman or the best linebacker the best and other years you like. There's like four guys. That could all win this so when they call your name over grown and Khaliq now what does it mean to you to know that you have stood out in your name is going to be on that wall for years to come. Yeah I mean that I was it was really nice to hear I mean I want like I saw my brothers names up there. You know for the last four years and and you know I really wanted to see my name up there in some way and I'm glad I was able to Reach their level in that case I you know it's it's it's a little disheartening to know that I play with such talented and promising people. And you know I wanted to share that award with Khaliq leak and that was you know my ideal situation you know. I didn't want to win it by myself. I wanted to see You know might teammate. Who Khaliq Catholic? Ninety eighty seven tackles. He had a great year. I wanted to see him recognized in the same way. And you know Campbell Campbell. Probably when it the next however many years he wants to play here so obviously he's an extremely promising person. I mean it was really nice. That the coaches felt that I I deserved that honor but I mean I wanted to see everyone else honored as well you know I play with a great group of guys and a very talented talented group of guys and I just want everyone to to be recognized as so it sounds like a very close knit room. That linebacker room is a pretty close knit group of guys. Yeah what what What makes that group special besides the town that we see on the field? You guys are in that room together. What makes it so special? I mean you know. A lot of us have been there for for multiple years and you know we accept people when they come in. We're not you know we see everyone is. I mean once you go through a spring ball here kind of been through the fire and you're accepted you're one of us so I mean I think we're just very accepting we have a great. You know we have high character guys. I think everyone that comes in you know they recruit very well and everyone just gets along. I also WANNA ask you about one of the Blue Collar award. That one voted by your teammates to really cool award. Because if you work hard immed- your teammates recognize what you're doing so when you win that award your name is call Thi meter hooting and hollering for you or your feelings. At that point. That was that was nice. This I mean to be to be recognized by both the coaches and the players. My teammates and my peers in some capacity was was was awesome. And I mean like that I mean there are other players who work very hard and I wish that they were recognized as well but To have my name singled out out fell filled. Amazing the consummate. The team the team the team Guy Right here Jack. The one thing I would suggest here as we as we wind this down is this is the Glasgow family. There should be a book written and I mean that's entirely all the years that I've been coaching and and follow all this thing. I mean what a fantastic example of young youngsters in and mentoring on the part of the parents and the place that they've they've allowed their their their youngsters to to move into a book. There's a book out there and you can have a sister at home right to I have the younger sister. WHO's currently in college at the University of Indiana? So how was it like for her with three older brothers. Yeah I mean I'm not I'm not sure and I don't I wanNA know but you know I'm sure she had. She had a tough time growing up and she's not the athletic necessarily assist the athletic type of person. And you know so things things were definitely different for her especially going to college Being a normal student but Uh I'm sure she's do. Okay well she the youngest yeah. She's the youngest of the four. Yeah I know it wasn't ours. We we had John and Jim were were fourteen months apart and then Joni sister Joanie came five years later so all we ever heard around the house was how easy easy it was for her. How we all? She was special and and she didn't have to go through the rigors that the two boys it suffered. That's what my that's what my brother say about about me. I got a lot of I got a lot of stuff a lot. Easier than You know I didn't have to do to piano lessons Because They wore my parents out pretty well with that and you know just a lot of other stuff that they had to Kinda work for you know. I got a lot easier but but I mean it's just one of the advantages of being a younger brother before we let you go your thoughts on the match with Alabama. I mean they're. They're going to be a great team. They are great team. They have great great receiving core in terms of their offense. They have great running back. Great Offensive Line quarterback. Who's doing very well so it's going to be? It's going to be a tough match up but I think that we're preparing. We're doing what we need to do to get ready. And I think we're going to be ready for the for the challenge that they provide that exciting heading for you and the outgoing guys at your last game in a Michigan uniform is not that any ballgame wouldn't be special but it's against Alabama Alabama's had a lot of success and you know the recent past last ten years and it's an opportunity to really show what we've got against A team that you know has been for the last decade touted as one of the best teams in College Football Jordan appreciate it thank you so much. Thank you good luck to you. Thank you very much. Hello this Jim Harbaugh from the AD. podcast telling either. Either when my wife shot for Jewish goes to Louis Jewelers Lewis Jeweler Spin Ann Arbor. Three Generations David the owner great guy designer watches designer jewelry. Olery like tag watches. Did you ever watch coach. 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My Wife's wedding band her engagement ring. My wife has vodka. Watch watch that we got it. Louis Jewelers online at Lewis Jewelers Dot Com Lewis Jewelers proud supporter of the AD. PODCAST at Michigan Athletics. Go blue coming up next quitting pay here on attack each day the Harbaugh's podcast listening to attack each day. The harbaugh podcast now joining US attack each day the HARBAUGH's podcast jeered defensive. End Quote Not pay first time. Quitting pays name ever flashed before me was back five four five years ago. We were in Baltimore. The Ravens were playing a playoff game in New England against the Patriots. So John talked to Jackie. Mom and myself into flying on the team plane came to New England for the game. It was a cold cold day. The wind was blowing and the snow is underground. We'd landed in Providence. If I remember Yup we went to the hotel there and the night before the game. They had a mass and they invited a priest from one of the schools in in Providence. To come down and say the mass and did a fantastic job. After it was over I went up and told them I said you know. There's a Michigan's recruiting a young man from Providence. I think it's one of the one of the schools here and He said would it be quick. Pay and that's I'm not sure stories. The recruiting was defensive. Issue Hendrickson he says and then he went on and just could not afraid. was Bishop Hendricken advocate. Any couldn't say enough. Once he got started on quitting was done. Let me tell you this and this and this went on and on. I'd never met quitting but I couldn't wait to meeting because the the the image of this guy was was unbelievable in And then we went to the game the next day it was a night game And we lost the say we are the ravens lost and but now having been here with you over over these last three years everything that father said about you on that night has come to pass and it is very very true. He's been a great guy at a great player. Teammates love him coaches love them and we get we get really start reading all the stats here. I mean he's had a had amazing career. We're already in just Three years one of our favorite players pay welcome to the show. Thank you Jack Harbaugh. How can really tell the story can't allocate storyteller tall true? I mean it's just is actually and the other thing I found out today just appear in in preparing for the show running back. I did not realize that Quitting was are running back in in high school. Two thousand next Brandon Jig when I was younger is that right. Yeah because everyone else too big to play half back when I was younger so I think I was having you know a big bag. It's not taking into them. So yeah you were about. If I remember coming out of high school what were you. Maybe two fifteen to twenty five. I was pushing to thirty. Okay Yeah and then very quickly I mean just gotten a weight room and just over the next prime next year sixteen eighteen months. You're up another thirty pounds forty pounds if I think that once. Yeah that one. After I came in I just skyrocketed with my way and then yeah just got after one. co-chairman those guys got here. Yeah he's an animal in the weight room and on the field and apparently in the classroom as well too. I like that you know I liked it. That's at the top of the notes because student athlete we like to highlight the student part of his. Well yeah so let's go back. You heard Jack talking a little about the words that he was given about you during the recruiting process Michigan. I pop up on your radar. Take us to your side of the recruiting process process so my recruiting process. I was committed to Boston College for a while. Maybe like a year and change and then when I committed I committed to Don Don Brown when he was at BBC and when he had left I was kinda unsure like where things would go and then when he came to Michigan he got back. I can contact with me. And then he Brought me down for my first visit and I was when we played Wisconsin here when jd had one-handed Pixel it came to that game. I just saw the whole crowd going crazy and just atmosphere and I was like yeah. There's no way I can pass this up so I think the two days later called coach..

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