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Jim never sorry mike. Just who's done by gotta to get the checkout. I'll just give you a check. Okay all right. Would you. Not by steve anymore. This was an old show debate. Well i wouldn't think steve would wanna go. He loves weddings. That's true it doesn't matter africa. I might go st. Was there you to at a table. Is the comedy watching stephen. The way it would be too and the biggest minna fans. I know that's just call it. They'd be invited. Our no so i would want a small wedding to begin to know just breaking down. The riffraff has weddings. Just would be closer to justin. The niamh dave i guess. Yeah but it would depend on the amount of people Just why don't they just wanna go probably not. I wouldn't think. I think it depends on this pencil year. Depends on. he's got nothing else going on what we what we get in the way that justin. I don't know if it's super bowl weekend. probably actually. That's what we were looking at it just a lot. Cheaper boy mack jones. A real deal. He certainly is certainly is item. Watch much game in all well if the fundamentals that got the away really that can happen but i did watch the post game. Press conference spell checkers. That's why like best electric because he was just full. Dick mobile this like fuck you. And then i guess you wanna greg show. Yesterday then was it was like unbelievable. He's going to be so much more of us in the mornings strategy now must be like great. I can do it like six twenty year. I'm sure on the fucking just mumble for minutes. And get the fuck out. There and i am not ripping those guys. I i was talking about about this. And the interview belgique twice was one way or something. Yeah filling in in the summer for glenn like during the preseason So i think i did. I might even the back to back weeks that year. Like two thousand twelve. Maybe eleven forget and like it was unbelievable. I like because i love to rip. It's great uncomfortable. Radio listen to it. He made fun of it. But like when you're in that situation there's nothing you can do. It's gotta be bizarre so having a conversation with someone like that because my instinct so their contract to do every week but my instinct would be to be like all right. This isn't working the later you know be. They can't do no and you want they want to wipe each fucking asshole accords. Not sorry lost but like we're all adults here but then helping us and then you know you could tell because with check so i watched actually listen to some of the one that the the great he'll show did mild mild spot yet in like they were like they're used to having safe. You had cam newton on we had brady on and it's a fourteen minute interview. You probably ask five or six questions. Five or six questions spellcheck. You're like a minute so the you are like Like you know like nothing. You know the top top gun to move again. Nothing left to say this foliage bill. Aren't you looking at new england. This time tell one that. I think The girl at one point. And i didn't blame her because like i have been there that situation. You literally have to fifty questions ready for this guy. That's brutal is their connection. does bell check. Have a connection to greg hill whatsoever. Because him and ordway were like. They came off like their best friend. Sometimes well yeah well according to glenn but yeah. That's one of those guys that tell you you really funny and really and i'd be like glenn like if he worked at walmart you would not say that well the that show had football jermaine wiggins on the other shows that football players play softened him up a little bit. Yeah forty played forum. The aussie played for him stuff. But so i that yeah. I just think he i. My guess is probably forever you want to do in the mornings. Oh my logic was when you guys at brady art in the mornings brady might have been a bigger draw than bella check now. Bella checks a lot. Bigger draw than mac jones or problems playing quarterback. Maybe yeah maybe yeah. Yeah but i thought maybe belly shackles. Life i just doing them. You know i. It's weird that he does it. is he the same. Your show wouldn't have done brady. But he was the enormous ratings for whatever reason amazing spellcheck the same way. It's a higher number for sure. I don't know if it's is brady i. I don't know that. I didn't. I never saw their afternoons. But bigger you know you was unbelievable. We'd get fucking you know. Twenty eight or thirty nuts would replay in get a bigger one. Get the same but you know if he was on the six twenty nine twenty nine twenty that we played six twenty next morning and i remember like watching. Espn and shit like weekly. They'd have some clip from your guys. Dennis dennis gallon. Ali became like a. I always think the brady things actually interesting because it went from. I played a role in i. Guess for the went from sort of this ass. Kissy thing to like a deeper examination. Brady like trump in guerrero and it became like a battle almost like he didn't wanna do it and that's why learn like he just wanted to get this. That's okay too. But like i don't think he does it in tampa 'cause i never see anything about it. Maybe mischievous it'd be great hill. Random out of town. Like i see i see selling. I think roger's didn't one for a while. But i don't think the not all places do i. I did like a show on sirius. Xm or something may. Maybe i'm thinking of somebody a weekly hit somewhere in in in green bay milwaukee though to maybe it did for like brady got paid. Maybe one hundred fifty grand really. Yeah that's wild. Look at for him. Why not believe a check and he hates it that much. Why do it yeah. But i mean it's hundred fifty grand east break. It twelve million a year. I don't know there's got to be where craft must convince them. In some way like makes it worth their especially. Yes but it's like you said that you know but isn't it all tied in together to like. If shit happens at the stadium that's intertwined with the radio. I it's all discombobulated isn't it. I mean the stadium. Don't they play commercials like on. They sold a compatriot they sell like a patriots. Package the station with a deal. So yeah but don't then the patriots also make money on radio. They sell.

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