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I said I just put something online about her, and I just went after she passed and I just said she insisted on having fun. Actress just like. There's been very few people in my life that are like that and it's something that I. I mean I'm not like a big. Huge personality or something or some big flamboyant? Parade float but I? Ha- like I do kinda especially like in work. Time situations. I. We got to be having fun or US. What's the fucking point you'll. See that in you, yeah, yeah, genuine silliness! Yeah, yeah, no, it's like because it's fun. It's fun it's like. You know whispering to each other and church to try and crack each other up is like one of the best things in the world in in a world. That's trying to be serious, too. You know right to make somebody next to you. Laugh is just the best thing in the world. Yeah, I would like to see a giant parade float of you though it has that happened yet. Because when you said that the just so many ideas came to mind I'm calling my estate plan or I'm going to put that in my will. A big parade float I'll try I'll try and die right around the the first of the year, so the the Rose Bowl parade. Or just you know you can still be alive that he had died all right? Okay you! You're alive for the. EG No because. There's a huge float. That's an Andy Richter measure. Maybe you're like superman flying, t kind of you, and then you need to be on the float to you're the you're the reveal the smaller Andy. Coming out of the flow Andy Right. Like my belly cracks open, and then it's me..

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