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Ad quadrant or people who add to you people who give you advice people who help you like. I asked you who've been the most influential people to you. Those people would go on like the positive section and of course on the exact opposite end of the spectrum. The other people who detract from you. Who talk bad about you to your face behind your back. Whatever it is those going the negative multiply. Are the people who just say good things about you to other people you know they go out and they you know they tasty spread good words about you. Say oh zack. Is this zach zach as a means you have to listen to your to do the off the readers. Though the whole they pretty much. Like i like your promoters those go into the multiply and then the dividers are the people who who will eight kind of almost like the multiple people. But they'll only do that when you're around but when you're not around they're gonna try to spread bad rumors about what. Zack did zach. Did this act did that. And they're gonna try to pretty much bring you down behind your back. Those on the divide column so in what you wanna do is after you get all those things together you wanna keep in your circle the people and the ad and the multiply column and then completely cut out to the best of your ability everybody in the minus and the divide column and this is something that i do probably like a month to month or so basis of every time i meet a lot of new people on mike are this person adding subtracting multiplying or dividing from me and then depending on which quadrant that they're in i treat them accordingly dude. I love that. I was literally drawing the as you were talking and making notes. Yes yeah so. Yeah i talk about that a lot. I didn't episode nine. So you know so. I tell it to the listeners. All the time like you guys. I keep preaching this because it works so well..

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