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Hail alan and full strength the saints are going to do that are gonna be able to do that because of suspension wide receiver willie sleep are those breakdown this quarterback are the excuse me this roster here for the saints at quarterback i had them keeping to all on that's what they did drew brees chase daniel i don't need to insult your intelligence of in and run that down i give you my thoughts on that very much uh run of act they kept six including one fullback i hadn't even five i didn't see a certain player make in the running back who put his specialties play really help them i wasn't surprised here when they cut traverse could at were dairies victor i was surprised when they kept trey edmonds and that's the i'm talking about that i think really help himself with strong fifteen performance mark ingram adrian peterson alvac more like i said trey edmonds dana lasco fullback jongkeun now edmonds could be a player that when willie sneak comes back maybe they the make roster spot there portray edmonds on on the practice squad they don't get four wide receiver snuck you've my willie snead doesn't count on the 53man roster right now because he goes the reserve suspended list michael thomas ted gin junior brennan coleman and tom italy lee lee lewis are the four wide receivers that a surprise there corey fuller got put on injured reserve they stash it for next year willisch it'll be back at three weeks so a kind of how i project how i figured it would go tight ends they kept three kobe flint michael home and how louis and josh ill nothing's nothing earthshattering there either office of line they kept eight it's about the numbers than i expected as well zach street ryan ram check to run armstead max unger josh rebus larry wolfert andrews pete insignia kalamata about how how a kind of figured it will go there are thin there on the off as lie they may look to potentially add to their offense a line once these guys come off waivers wants skies clear waivers and become free agents a veteran off as a lima might surface the saints might look to for him it on a dealine camp jordan alex okeafor holy cow trey hindered shen darrell tap audi mohammed vi defence vince i had i.

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