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I know i'm going to see him in el some day because it with oath going there roma i think you're gonna happen but we'll see how this show guys see how it goes anyway ladies and gentlemen please give a warm drink he fun time welcome to joe derosa the crowd going wild how are you thanks for having me man it's so good to have you here welcome the baby blues welcome to our show thank you we're ready use drinking that's that's what we're doing here when we wished where we're getting into something today that i'm doing in honor of you because you're you sort of came of age in the 1980s correct ah yeah i'm i'm a weird split between the '80s '90s but the 80s have a near and dear place in my heart certainly you know you know i was i was kinda hitting twelve or thirteen by the tail end of the eighties there okay yes so you know time if you like your pop culture sort of bright and enthusiastic in doubt right that was the age well that was one side of it but you know that my favorite things from the 80s are much more intelligent cultured better light tell mozelle but i mean my favorite thing about the are being smart as obviously but like my favorite thing about the 80s is it was witnessing really rap music come into its own yet love rap music ram astra flash who's was like her lashes leo israel early eighty million roma like.

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