Carmelo Anthony, Cleveland, Lebrun discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Hour 3: 6/9/17


Would with that interest uh w you with that with that interest uh interest the indiana pacers you know i'm not i'm not so sure this isn't a team that's replete with draft picks leader to sweeten trade so to get to get the kind of player they need is not going to be easy now could could they revisit kevin love for carmelo anthony yes does carmelo anthony address the concerns any issues that the golden state warriors pose if you're comparing the cows in the warriors no now i think the good news for cleveland the the rumbles of already started halo bronze gonna leave i i don't know that lebrun isn't a huge while still rush to leave staying in the eastern conference i mean the cows were so dominant in the first three rounds i think we you know we we've always called it the least during conference i mean it's it's the eight league right now you've got the deleted you've got the league i mean why would you leave the east when you can pretty much right yourself into the finals if i'm lebrun i'd rather stay in the east and try to upgrade the team i'm on as opposed to moving west where you've got to get through the warriors just to get to the finals but the there is nothing easy in the cavs future about how to improve this team love that's an interesting one it's funny in our in our radio production meeting today getting ready for tonight's broadcast we were your debating that because we know chris paul and lebrun james are as close as two players on opposite team on on rival teams could be these guys would love to play together would if your the cavs do you explore aci reserving for chris paul scenario obviously there would have to be other pieces involved but do you at least look at it i mean to me.

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