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Going to get five times is money ten times is money what do you think the panthers end up gulf war so morbid or eight nine times is money and so uh a lot of things about that you know jason la canfora maybe you're right but there are quick processes in slow processes you know win the clippers made up their minds to be sold installing wanted to get the cash didn't take one more than sixty bomber to write a two billion dollar cheque and on and on now when you look at the nba franchises whose revenues are significant but a lot less than the nfl rockets went for two point two billion b and of course the two billion dollar deal with the clippers so my prediction is it's anywhere from two to two and a half billion dollars that's not a bad return on investment to over twenty years for mr richardson walks up in a little bit of disgrace the fact that it's come together as quickly in east greenwich self with this sal you don't think is going to be a drag on the number these going to get is it well certainly doesn't affect the value of the franchise in the fact is that they relatively new stadium that did some upgrades to it there is no shortage of significant money in the carolinas there's a banking centre with bank of america and others and there are some limited partnerships who are involved in that franchise it may want to put together groups and become general parker so it has all of the elements of seeing a big type deal it's not new york it's not la it's not chicago with the nfl remember with the television contracts spread among thirty two teams you don't have to be one of those big markets you get a lot of money anyway sports resisted insider uh retire i guess to your on cbs sports.

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