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Small to to tell you that. I'm checking the same thing. I gotta right, right. But a little can I take a second to say a lot of my brother, Doug. Mommy. I also have my nanny Republican. By nanny on the first row Vanessa who taught me how to I shave my legs when I was younger. That's a good tip. Wow. Well, I taught myself in didn't go. Well, really, no. I have to know what happened. She took. My father's razor. And I didn't use any shaving cream. Ooh. And I used some water. Yeah. Ten the rest was history. You bled. I bled. I had scars on my legs. It was a mess. All right. So someone teaching you how to do it? S S anyway. Family didn't talk about stuff like that. Like, I just I don't know. I didn't know I had hair on me. Hey, look down all that show was Brown. But there you go. So let's get to it. Individual one loss another ally. Yesterday, the head of the National Enquirer David pecker claims the paper made hush money payments to the playmate. Karen McDougal, so she didn't hurt his presidential campaign. It was allegedly set up by Michael Cohen was just sentenced to three years in jail. So you know, who just tweeted that he never directed. Cohen to break the law. asked him to do any of these. And he says my calls just China barris the president and get a reduced sentence. It's kinda late now. Right. Just all ready sentence. He was thanks. They don't three years in prison for just casual thing. And also he forgets Trump that they have documents and phone calls. We heard the tape of the two of them about a region came out of thing what we heard him say to to Trump going going to talk to you about the payments and hassle which is the guy who his accountant's which his name. Oh, I don't remember Essel Burg something you're talking about. He'll get the mile white Denver. We'll get the money who is the Trump family's been the CFO for years and years. Yeah. I've always said if they're inches doesn't he mention the pecker guy. What's his name day? David better on American. Guy. But I've always said if they're smoking gun it's going to be with the lawyer, the CFO and with the guy that runs national choir because that is where the money is in the Trump reminds me 'cause I just watched the Clinton affairs. If you haven't seen it, it's fabulous. And I just I learned a lot about what special counsel what they do. And they were looking into whitewater at the time business dealings before the election. And that's when they found Monica Lewinsky, so you cast out this big net, which is what they've done with the Russia collusion, and that is led them here. Well, the scope of the special counsel mandate is pretty broad, and it says crime, you can investigate these particular crimes or anything rising there from and that's why we're seeing all of you know, we're seeing the web go bigger and bigger and bigger, and we're seeing all these referrals who was kind of interesting to me when I read this this agreement between the AM I which is the National Enquirer. They said this. It is further. Understood that this is the prosecutors letter, it is further understood that neither AM I nor this office will disclose this agreement and exhibit a attached to on. Or before November six two thousand eighteen what's the point? So they wanted to make sure that is. To make this information. Didn't impact the. Midterm elections. The implication is they don't want to do what has Dobie Russians Ellen's press conference yesterday. Please you said I've been living in my personal and mental incarceration ever since the fateful day that I accepted the offer to work for the famous real estate agent. My weakness can be characterized as blind wilty to Donald Trump, which always thought was part of his problem was the team around him that seemed to have I remember Michael Cohen doing an interview with CNN. And I believe it was Briana Keeler saying he said who says Trump's down in the polls. She says polls, these what qualities of all of that all of the polls are saying different things. He was so even like in the face of obviously, you know, pulling was different. But he he was he was obviously a yes man from the beginning campaign, and I don't know how you live in a mental incarceration under a candidate..

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